Hello world! (no really)

What you (the world) probably doesn’t need is another blog by yet another housewife desperate for communication with grown-ups, showing off her ideas of craft or art and gushing about the lil’ones and superhubby.

Don’t get me wrong. I love those blogs – most of the times.
And I know you’re not all desperate.
I’m not: I think being a housewife is awesome – most of the time..

But I also like the chicks from the ‘bad mothers’ club, those that rant and mock and whine about their families in general and, occasionally, even about the vile ex. I have great admiration for the women that blog about great sufferances in their life, sickness or lost children, and I have been surprised how funny some of these blogs can be. Also interesting, as they often explain and illustrate some well known issues much better than any article or doctor ever will.
Blogging women, I admire your community creating, cause adhering, talented and witty blogs.
This little project hopefully finds its place somewhere in between.

we live down there!

My sweet husband burps every evening after dinner. One big belch and he always apologizes. And then laughs.

My 4yo already thinks that burping is one of the best jokes you can make.
He’s probably not wrong, from a male point of view.

My husband says he “has to”, otherwise he “will get indigestion”.
I always thought belching was a symptom, not the cure.

Anyway, this blog shall be my way to avoid going mad.. in the suburb.
Or to get indigestion.


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