One sting – two stories.

Camponotus sp. ant, roughly 9mm long, taken in...When I picked up my son at kindy today, one of the teachers called out to me and informed me that he had been “stung at the knee by an ant during afternoon tea” (that’s like a snack they have in the afternoon, where nobody actually drinks tea).

Apparently, he had cried a little but he was ok now. It still looked a bit swollen and red, but they had put an ice pack on it, and it was an hour ago now. They had also made sure, it did not go up his pants. Good.

This is Australia, and Insect bites have to be taken seriously, but we have both made our experiences with big angry ants already, it surely hurts, but if you are not allergic, you’ll get over it.

We picked up his stuff and walked to the car, chatting. Here is what my boy had to say about the incident.

“Yeah, they wanted to know what stinged me and I did not know and then they took of my pants and I was crying and they were shaking the pants but we could not find the bug and then they put an icepack on it. And they were still looking for it. But we did not find it. “

“.. ah?” .. A bug? And.. Nobody actually saw what it was? Argh. So not a good thing in Australia when a child and a stung knee are involved. And especially when you haven’t grown up among deadly spiders, snakes and sharks yourself, and are still.. somewhat easy to scare ?

I’m glad I did not know all that before the swelling went away.
I’m a bit pissed off at the teachers to tell me there was an ant when there wasn’t.


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