Cheap as craft – Cardboard City

fisher-price-imaginext-police-station_1929672_175 When I was little, I had a dollhouse. It was an old, rather simple model, more like a transformed bookshelf with a hint of a roof, but my dad repainted it and my mum put new carpets and curtains in, and I had it for years.  I am hoping some girl still plays with it today, my family’s wanderlust had my mother give it away before she could pass it back to me for my own children, but I am sure the house got a new home.

Now I have a boy, and this boy – as explained in a former post – has a big passion for all kinds of little men in uniform, Police, Firemen etc. Now the series Imaginext from FisherPrice offers only limited housing for the different sets we have. We do have the big fire station, but I have never once seen the Police Station found on the internet. And I am a bit on a tight budget, so one day, when my son said “I really need a jail !!” I just made him this:

k 016I know! It’s rather simple. It’s not rally all that awesome. I used a cardboard box I had just brought home from the shops and only material I had at hand. The bars at the window are toothpicks…But for my boy not only it was a lot of fun to assist me building it, he is playing with it ever since .

I was so pleased with his joy about the jailhouse that I gave into his request to make him more buildings and have since then worked on a whole city (my favourite is the church, actually it even has a bell with a string in it now!)

k 019-tile2 It’s fun, it’s easy, it’s cheap – anybody can do it.

What’s the last thing you have done from scratch for your kids ?


6 thoughts on “Cheap as craft – Cardboard City

  1. amandab75

    I love those buildings, they make me smile each time I see them 😀

    If you are regularly doing posts like this why not link up at Childhood 101 on a Tuesday to show off your lovely play ideas (I’m sure other mum’s would like these too 🙂 )

    1. kaykay

      hey, i actually would like to do that, sorry i did not get back to you earlier.
      i’ll have a look tonight if i can figure out how. i love to look at the pretty craft stuff most mommies do, but i am also very proud of my zero budget rough boy stuff, lol. and we have so much fun with it (plus it’s a bit recycling too) 🙂

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