Cold pressed


I gave my boy a mandarin yesterday and he got the idea to rather squish it than eat it – “to make a drink!” . Ok… He had already started, so I just took off his tee-shirt and gave him at least a towel. He had lots of fun and cracked me up when he asked for a lemon to decorate his idea cup. I thought a slice of banana would do the job. 🙂

Those mandarins were full of pips and not all that good anyway, so today we finished up the rest. I don’t have a juice machine now so I showed him how to press juice through a towel (of course it was fresh). More squishy, squeezy fun. Hell of a mess on the kitchen table, and lots of Vitamin C for both of us.


2 thoughts on “Cold pressed

    1. kaykay

      initially, he was just enjoying a little ‘toddler’ moment before turning 5 soon, i think, but then we had a fun and interesting squishing lesson, indeed. 🙂
      nice to hear from you 🙂


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