Cheap As Craft – Bow & Arrow

Today, my husband emptied out a sports bag and we recovered two perfectly new shoe laces. Perfect on the day where I had promised Tornado to built him bow and arrow without really knowing what I would use. While he was cutting out the feathers for his headband I worked on his latest weapon :

bowThe idea was of course to spend zero money but still fabricate a reasonably functional, stable toy for him – without danger of injury for either himself or the other inhabitants of the house….

I used a peg from the irrigation system that Dogthing is systematically unearthing and forever chewing on. The plastic has just the right flexibility.
The arrow is fully out of cardboard with stabilising, rolled cardboard inside and relatively heavy. The tension of the shoelace looks strong but allows only for minimal propulsion really. After a little bit of training, the arrow flew far enough to make one little indian VERY happy! 



3 thoughts on “Cheap As Craft – Bow & Arrow

    1. kaykay

      i am really quite happy with the ballistic of the chunky arrow. i can shoot it right on Tornados chest and it just gently stubs him.. uhm, not that i would, like, ever.. haha, so much fun.
      having a boy brings me back to my tomboy childhood. we have a lot of fun. 🙂


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