Perfectly imperfect moments of our life…

bake 002

We made thick apple pancakes again today and my little masterchef had a great time ‘helping’ and watching me fry them. I always try to flip at least one with verve and although it’s never high enough for him, we have a lot of fun.
They are yummy too 🙂  I’ll clean up tomorrow.

I am inviting myself to a meme started by Kate from the Picklebums.
See hopefully many other perfectly imperfect moments on her blog HERE :

My Perfectly Imperfect Life - Day 1 - picklebums.com_1284966035974


9 thoughts on “Perfectly imperfect moments of our life…

  1. kaykay

    that’s the cooking side so it has to be freed more frequently. the actual work bench is sort part office, part playground, part junkmail deposit and we have no place left to prepare food on it most times..
    i am the queen of thick pan cakes. well, at least in my home i am 🙂

    1. kaykay

      i came to it via a bored tweet from catalunya. really thought it was interesting, and actually kind of funny as insight into someone elses frustration with a stubborn mom.. good times, eh..

  2. tracey

    My husband can flip them in the air and then spin around before catching it perfectly. He just likes to make me look bad. But the joke’s on him because I can then say that the kids like his pancakes better than mine. HA HA!

  3. jeanie

    I am impressed you can flip with verve – and wait until later to clean up. We have about 15 square centimetres benchspace and a husband/dad who has serious head implosions if he can’t access coffee – it can be fun to watch, but probably highlights the imperfect just a bit too much!!!

  4. Claire

    They sound yummy, could you post the receipe, I love trying new things with the kids. I did find a carrot fritters receipe one time that was a big hit, but not sure where it got filed afterwards.


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