And now for something completely different…

Thanks to all those who have read and/or commented on my FairyTales Post. You rock! Being featured in “Freshly Pressed” is an awesome encouragement for a blogger, I was really ‘chuffed and puffed’ all day.
…and also clueless about  how to follow up on something so (unexpectedly) big.  So on the off chance, that a few of my readers and commenters have subscribed to this blog, I want to use this attention and blog about something important, something I didn’t really intent to talk about in my relatively new, and – until recently – gently cruising little ‘mommy blog’ :


No matter if you see, hear or suspect emotional or physical abuse;
no matter if it’s a child, a woman, a senior, a disabled person or a man –
talk about it to someone. If you are a victim – talk about it.
Don’t be silent. Talk!
Silence makes abuse possible, makes go on and will make it worse.
And HOME should not be where the HURT is.

This blog was started as a little cosy project to replace a family blog I had for my mom who passed away this year.  A public blog about my new life in the suburbs, being a stay at home mom, the family, Australia… all that.
I started blogging, found my pace, connected with other mommy bloggers and communities, a few tweets, commenting, all very nice.
Now I have always had another place for more personal posts, and I didn’t actually want to blog about blogging here either, but I have to, after what happened to my blog yesterday.

So I got featured in’s ‘Freshly Pressed’.
Admittedly, that was quite a surprise, for that little post on classic Fairy Tales, written after another bedtime story in the lands of talking animals and witches with my little prince. I got an incredible amount of hits according to the wp statistics – close to 8000.  I was overwhelmed with the comments I received and spent a lot of time reading them, approving them (and sorting out spam). Some of the comments were very thoughtful, inspiring and I am still wondering if it makes sense to reply to any of them, as the commenting system of wordpress isn’t ideal for commenters to actually get their reply. But I will eventually reread and answer a few I guess. It just felt too good.
Now I am not duped by the overnight flush of popularity a blog post featuring in ‘freshly pressed’ on can bring. Of course it’s kind of a big thing for a wp blogger, and thanks again to all that commented. This community feature, and I am an avid reader of featured posts, really makes me think it was a good decision to change to wordpress from blogger (although i miss having the freedom of design.. for free). Thanks also to all those that already read me before the featured post, maybe because I read their blogs, or tweeted or have seen each other in a community.

There is so much talk about mommy blogging at the moment, in the media, in blogs. I have been a blogger for longer than I have been a mom. I never had this kind of readership, even if it’s just for one day. There are many causes that you can embrace online, from click-charity to donations, from heated debates to the log books of actual actions. I think it’s great that people get involved and talk about what matters to them.

So if this is a mommy blog, it’s about families. Mommy blogs come in all forms, shapes and colours, just like families, and they talk about all and everything, just like any other blog. Sometimes, very rarely, someone will write about abuse.
It’s not enough.
Don’t be silent about it. It happens everywhere. It is ALL of our business.
Don’t let it silence you, if you’re concerned. Let’s all
talk about it.

Thanks for reading. Pass the message, create a meme, maybe let me know, if you do something in your blog, if you talk to someone about it.
It will make me happier than 100+ comments in my blog to know somewhere, someone talked about abuse.


17 thoughts on “And now for something completely different…

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  2. Wanderlust

    What a courageous and important reminder that we all need to talk about the difficult and thorny truths in our lives. Silence is the refuge for abuse. Thank you for adding your voice. xo

  3. Tenille

    One of the best campaigns against domestic violence that I’ve seen was run through a couple of the local football teams. Real guys from the Group 7 league I think. Not national sporting idols, but real guys speaking out against violence. Guys that people watching might know and respect.

    The recent allegations against West Tigers player Robert Lui don’t help though.

    1. kaykay

      i think there are many brilliant campaigns out there. i don’t know that one,
      and sadly, the celeb cases only show what happens in a distorted way..
      the campains are only shown for a short time. and maybe people need to be reminded all the time. because it happens.. well, all the time, right ?
      that’s all i hope for, that people talk about it more, so that when it happens to you or close to you, you talk or take action. because it’s simply not right.

  4. Kamarine

    Such a good reminder.
    A lot of people forget if you hear/witness/are aware of DV it’s a crime to not report it.
    Or they don’t know. You’re right, it needs to be talked about.

    1. kaykay

      in Australia, I noticed people are encouraged to report even anonymously. i’m not too comfortable with the idea of dob-in lines, but in the case of dom violence or abuse in your neighborhood, it’s certainly a plus. better call the police 10 times too often to soon, than not doing when things go really wrong. and they do.

  5. Cate

    Hi there kaykay,

    thanks for the lovely comment you left regarding my “Tribal Wives” post – and I know that you would have some great stories from the burbs of Queensland…. 😉

    Really interesting hearing about your domestic violence post too. NZ has a horrific reputation for this type of abuse – it seems almost ingrained in some areas of society here.

    1. kaykay

      thanks 🙂 i might try to work on it this weekend
      i think not many people are aware of the ‘awareness month’, and i just think it should be talked about. much more.
      sadly, the statistics are basically shocking in all our ‘civilized’ countries (and then there is those where there aren’t any..) but incidently, here in Oz,
      i have been witness of (and got involved in) a bad fight of a NZ couple. i brought her into a convenience shop, where he still managed to jump on her once with a bottle and injure her at the head before he ran away as people stood in shock and saw it happen. it was extremely distressing for me for all kinds of reasons, and especially as the woman did NOT want us to call the police! it happened in full public view and she still did not dare to report it. sad.

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