"Who you gonna call..? – Ghostbusters! (Cheap as Craft)

sign When Tornado was 3, my husband’s teenage kids were babysitting him one afternoon, and to pass the time, they decided to watch a DVD – and chose “Ghostbusters”. Now, in the rather wide range of movies of Awesome’s collection, this was probably a wise choice in their eyes (it’s rated PG, I just checked) and I remember loving that movie when it first came out (and I was their age) but I would have known that it was WAY to scary for my boy!  At the time, he would run out of the room at the ‘scary scene’ in “Cars” when Mater takes Lightening McQueen out at night to scare the Tractor-cows – before the big Monster-mower even appears! Even today, at almost 5 and very keen on watching all kind of ‘scary’ animation (Ben10, Dragon Booster and the like), Tornado is still pretty sensitive when it comes to ‘real scary’ (+music+darkness) on the screen. And while special effects have come a long way since 1984, for him, it would have been ‘real horror’ actually.

In any case, although he never saw the movie to the end (my stepkids would have realized their mistake after the first scenes..), I heard about it for weeks. There wasn’t a real increase of nightmares, but he certainly was impressed and we talked about it A LOT. We still talk about it, and he still doesn’t want to see it (yet) but we have seen the animated series ‘The Real Ghostbusters’ at some point. Far less scary. (But why is Egon now blond??)
There are complete episodes on youtube, for aficionados.

So for some reason, this week he wanted to ‘play Ghostbusters’, so I printed out a few stickers for his shirt (and mine) and made him a very simple but very efficient “Proton Gun” that I connected to his little backpack with a rest of cable-tidy tube from Ikea. GB2 [800x600]

GB3 [800x600]

A teddy became a ghost with an old sheet and we had lots of fun!.. and playfully tackled, any eventual residual fears that he might still have about ghosts (we know they’re just ‘pretend’ but still..) especially with all that talk about funerals and mummies lately.

And of course, more stickers had to be printed to transform some Lego guys for further play:    legoGB [800x600]

On a sidenote : We also had a look at the music video, it’s delightfully 80s and Chevy Chase (who played the repairman in the recent “Hot Tub Time Machine” which was so much better than I had suspected) doing this trick with a cigarette – unthinkable today, almost criminal some would say, as it would have inspired many young boys to learn the same thing (and smoke).
My husband can still do it.

We Play
More ‘Cheap as Craft’ : “Cardboard City


8 thoughts on “"Who you gonna call..? – Ghostbusters! (Cheap as Craft)

  1. leechbabe

    Love that movie 🙂

    We still hear about the time my husband let the girls watch “Monster House” Heidi was terrified for months after that houses would eat her.

    Love that your son is playing Ghost Busters. Hopefully he has worked out his fears from the movie through play 🙂

  2. amandab75

    It’s sometimes really hard to gauge what a child is going to find scary or not. Princess loves her Barbie movies, but hates “Swan Lake” as it is too scary.

    Love the ProtoGun, and so glad you linked up to We Play! 🙂


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