One of THOSE days…


So today, we had what you can safely call ‘a bad day’. Nothing was right.
I did not play the right games, did not cook the right food (this is breakfast, and NO, child does will not eat the despicable crusts), did not understand what he meant when he asked me about something (this is VERY frustrating for both of us). I downloaded a game of chess for the old family computer, but it was “not the same!” than the one on my laptop, so that was all wrong, too (we both can’t play, but never mind). Bedtime was 2 hours of torture.

Today, I got a taste of teenage attitude, coupled with toddleresque tantrums and frankly, even a few hurtful remarks – all in one day. Thanks a lot, boy.

This – and a friendly email I discovered in my flooded inbox! – reminded me that I have this dormant mommy blog where I blog about the JOYS of MOTHERHOOD, ie our adventures in the suburb, crafts a gogo and all that jazz.  So yeah, life’s not always a garden with trees made of fairy floss, planted with sugar canes. Not even when you have, like me, the most awesome child in the world (like we all do).

Some days are just like this, I guess. At least I got a great photo out if it.
I’ll show him when his own offspring drives him up the wall. And they will.

So how was your day ?


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