New category : Cause of the month ! Public breastfeeding.

After my post in October, on the Domestic & Family Awareness Month, and after a bit of time-out I just decided to make at least one post about some sort of ’cause’ per month. Something that concerns me, or touches me and deserves to be out there. Maybe I can start a trend.

71055_155535221156710_6800447_n This month, I am inspired by two long-time blogging friends of mine, who are expecting a baby (yay!) and RSVP’ed today  an event on facebook that promotes public nursing by showing photos of breastfeeding moms with their kids. On their boob. Obviously, because that’s where it happens.

It seems that in the past, facebook with who I have, like so many, a love/hate relationship has flagged and deleted photos of nursing moms for “pornographic content”. Yeah, WTF? indeed.

This is obviously not a new issue. I was still breastfeeding when I heard for the first time about the ‘public breastfeeding‘ controversy after the cover of a parenting (sic) magazine had caused a riot in the US of A. I was shocked by the – indeed – perverted and twisted minds of people who see anything else in the pictures of nursing children than the most natural thing a woman would do with a child!

This is not a post about the pros & cons of breastfeeding. I am not joining that debate (as yet). I might post about my personal experiences sometimes this month. Raised in Northern Europe, I had my baby in a country where the breastfeeding quota – and public acceptance – was easily inversed and it wasn’t always easy. But as much as I am pro breastfeeding, I am against the raising millitantism on both sides of.. uhm, the boob. Not to mention the absurd bigotry of those who feel ‘offended’ by seeing it. Whatever!

Breastfeeding is natural. It’s healthy, hygienic and practical.
It’s not easy at times. Don’t make it hard for mothers who chose to nurse. That’s all.

Links :
– show your support with a nursing photo or change your facebook profile pic like me for the facebook “Nurse In”
– “the most intriguing nursing ‘scandals’ ever” photogallery in


4 thoughts on “New category : Cause of the month ! Public breastfeeding.

  1. Eat Out With Kids

    I am right with you in breastfeeding. Its the natural thing to do, but if you can’t, its OK too- the baby has to get milk somehow. Militant pro-breastfeeders can induce PND. I was lucky and didn’t have any dramas, and have to admit, never gave it a second thought getting the milk bar out in public. Public displays of breastfeeding is good!

    1. kaykay

      i guess i really WILL make a post about my personal experience because it was kind of odd, total culture shock between two neighboring countries in Europe.
      this said, since i am on mummy blog and i see the forms this ‘debate’ is taking, i see more harm than good done by the PRO party somehow…

  2. Wanderlust

    Hanging a boob out in support of your post. Sadly, I was unable to produce enough breastmilk to nourish my kids. In retrospect, I think it was due to the thyroid cancer, though I didn’t know at the time. I am baffled by the reaction to public breastfeeding. It is indeed one of the most natural and beautiful of human acts.


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