Crafty – cool picture frames for cheaps.

On a low budget, I recently browsed the local op shops (charity shops) for picture frames. I found a few very nice ones for little money. For 7 frames,
I spent only about 12 dollars. Bargain!
Now obviously, they are not all in totally mint condition, that’s probably why they ended up at the Lifeline shop in the first place.
This set, originally from IKEA has plastic (not glass) sheets to cover the pictures and was a bit scratched. The white frames had a few nicks too.
But I like the square format and I wanted to put some colourful shots of Tornado in his room..

First I had the idea with the fireman/trucks that i stuck on the frames with blue-tag. (Fireman theme is very big with us still.)
ll 006 [800x600]
Nice 3D effect, and it gave me the idea to make a set of three dress-up/action photos for my boy’s room. So next was the knight, then the cowboy.
ll 008 [800x600] 
With Tornado, we simply googled some themed images/cliparts, stuff he and I associated with his look, then printed them on sticker paper and for more plasticity stuck them on cardboard. I am very pleased with the result and Tornado likes them too.
ll 007 [800x600] 
Maybe an idea for a themed frame for your little fairy / robot / preschooler /monster ? happy crafting!


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