Budgeting (State) School – got your booklist?


I know..! No need to shriek how much I would pay for a private school.
Because honestly, I don’t care. Although I am sure, there are some awesome schools out there, I am by principle against the idea that your wallet should decide over the quality of your education.
Having grown up in a country where private schools were much rarer and going to your local primary (state) school was the norm for everyone, it is hard for me to comprehend how a country would allow schools with religious or other elitist concepts be responsible to train and care for a part of their youth, while others have to “make do” with the free State Schools.

This becomes even more confusing when I hear that independent, non-governmental schools still receive big funding from the government..
Why exactly is that ? You do your own thing, do it alone, no ?

I probably know too little about it, really. I do know though that I could easily spend as much as for my entire uniform list on one blazer in a private school. The whole idea of uniforms is pretty much put ad absurdum if you ask me. If you can tell by the uniform which school a kid goes to, and how much that school costs, you know how rich the parents are.

I never much liked uniforms (we did not wear any) and I still don’t.

We’re not rich, and I am doing the minimum on the prepschool items too. 3 Polos means taking a bit of a risk for a crafty 5 yo… There are polos, shorts and hats available in clothing stores in the exact royal blue that is my son’s future school’s colour.  So they won’t have the logo and the motto. Big deal.
They also warn that there might be items from the booklist that may have to be ‘replaced when used up’. The bag pack looks very sturdy and has 2 years warranty or so. Not quite sure what that “home reader folder” is though…

Tornado is pretty keen on the whole uniform thing and so not to stress the Christmas budget, I went to buy him a school hat and just one polo today as a little surprise for under the tree. (They were also sold out actually..)

So how much are you spending ? What else must I expect ?


One thought on “Budgeting (State) School – got your booklist?

  1. Tina

    We do the same. I buy 1 or 2 shirts with the logo but the rest of them from the clothing store that are exact colour but no logo.

    I’m glad we don’t have to pay private school expenses but for us, the public school costs can get expensive anyway!


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