Oprah meets real people. Really?

Oh, I have struggled with myself in the past how personal, political and opinionated I want this blog to be. Especially after the mega exposure with my ‘fairy tales post‘ that made it into “Freshly pressed”.
You know what? I don’t care. Read me or not, but this I really have to say:

So Oprah is in Australia. I really do NOT understand what all the fuzz is about. Why is she received by Australian politician like this was an official state visit ?? Does a “Talk Show Queen” who already has loads of media coverage here (and lets face it, mainly does this visit for her US public anyway) really deserve all that ? Isn’t there, like, more important things to take care of, Julia?


Here is are some extracts from two articles from theage.com.au that come across so blunt, so wrong that any Australian Oprah fan should really think again, what they are screeching about when she makes her next 5 min public appearance.

“Winfrey made the trip to Australia after the federal government and Tourism Australia paid  $3 million to bring her show and 300 of her audience to the country.”

REALLY ? they paid money? To Oprah Winfrey, head of a media empire, regularily in  the tops of all kinds of richest people charts.
She has BILLIONS! I can’t believe how wrong this is. While I believe that, indeed, the visit of Oprah and her ‘entourage’ will certainly boost Tourism to Australia from the US – they do all she tells them to do, right ? – who on Earth thought that she needed to get paid to come here? So the Australian tax payer paid Oprah and over 300 people to come here!? Well, bravo. I’m just glad that I don’t pay tax here yet. Just: Wow!

“It’s Oprah. I just love her, I am in awe of her, the spiritual side of her,” Ms Johnson said. “She’s made women stronger. Her journey has been inspirational.”

My dear Ms Johnson from the Melbourne crowd : Yes, Oprah has made an incredible and inspiring journey from her Youth in poverty and through extreme personal hardship it seems to being one of the richest and most influencual people of our time. I am impressed, too. But Oprah is only human, you see, and she also made a lot of mistakes AND, this is important, may or may not be aware of her own power over so many devoted fans. She most probably does, right ? Either way, so much influence has a lot of risks.
Think : bookclub boosting sales, the SouthAfrican Elite School or the “The Secret”…..

My favourite part of the Oprah visit, so far, is her visit to an “Aussie family”. A barbeque with a handful of mates in a bungalow? Well, no.
The Castrans, whoever they are, were chosen to be the lucky ones, representing you all. Oprah staid for a whole 90 min.
One invited friend writes about it in the Age:

Mrs Castran has held taco nights at her luxurious home for 20 years and when inviting me to last night’s dinner, she said it was to celebrate her birthday, which was on Wednesday. Oprah was the icing on the cake.

Mrs Castran, surrounded by devoted husband Paul and children Max and Zoe, had invited 20 close friends including golfer Stuart Appleby and his wife, Ashley Saleet, Natasha Stipanov, Ronnie Atlas, Sarah Walker and Meghan McGann.

The doorbell rang at 6pm and Mrs Castran screamed when she saw Oprah. They hugged and Oprah handed over two bottles of tequila, Porfidio and Parfida. Well, it was taco night and tequila shots were in order.
A beaming Mrs Castran, declared: ”This is one of life’s great moments.”

Pastry chef Christopher Montebello from South Melbourne speciality cake shop Let Them Eat Cake made a flourless chocolate cake of Uluru with Oprah sitting on top. Singer Paris Zachariou serenaded Oprah with his own ditty, cheekily called Billionaire.

Mr Castran, who has done well for himself in real estate, joked: ”Anyone who said money can’t buy happiness doesn’t know where to shop.

Commenting on being wealthy, Oprah said: ”You should try it.”

At 7.30pm, Oprah departed with her Uluru cake, pausing on the tennis court to reflect: ”I got to meet real people in a real family setting. That was as good as it can ever get.”

This is really as good as it gets. I can just say, I would love to see that cake.
I would probably throw it at someone though.

the articles in the Age :
Meeting the crowd (and Julia)
Tacos & Tequila


9 thoughts on “Oprah meets real people. Really?

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  2. Wanderlust

    I’m kind of glad I don’t have cable. I get to miss all of this. I get to stay with real people too when I’m there. Real honest to god bloggers. I hope they don’t throw cake at me.

    1. kaykay

      i used to say “oh who cares..?” but you can’t avoid hearing about it here right now, and when i read about the money they paid her.. i still kind of can’t believe it. you certainly will have a great time when you are visiting, with authentic people, real friends! 🙂 i am very very happy that works out for you.
      (i told you so!!)

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  4. Naomi

    Agree, agree, agree. The whole thing is cringe worthy. As for the fire works and a giant pink O on the Sydney Harbour Bridge… what a waste of money. I had to explain to my 9 year old daughter why there was a person sleeping on the street in a well lit doorway in Melbourne CBD this week. Perhaps Oprah would like to spend some time with those real people too, I’d like her tell someone huddled in a sleeping bag on a busy Melbourne street they should try being wealthy, because obviously it’s that easy.

  5. Booksphotographsandartwork

    She makes me cringe. Ok maybe not so much her as it is the people who worship her. Really? What is wrong with these people. She is NOT God. Not even close. She is just a person who was a poor little girl, grew up, did well in life. Thats it. She is no better than the rest of us. She has too much money. That still doesn’t make her better than us “real” people. I’m surprised she can fit through any doorways with her huge head.

  6. frogpondsrock

    Hi Kay, thanks for leaving the comment on my blog because It meant I followed you back here. I would have probably thrown the cake as well. Or thrown up on the cake? I am going to pinch one of your Pets are no toys buttons as well. cheers Kim.

  7. Rachel

    I’m dittoing the “she makes me cringe” comment. When she was first on television she seemed a bit more real. As the years have passed it’s just seemed to have gotten worse.

    Thanks for a great post.


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