A great Atlas for kids! (unsponsored post)

163-066_largeBeing a baby expat, and intercontinental globetoddler, Tornado has always been interested in maps. Maybe it’s also genetic because I just LOVE maps, especially historic (inexact but artsy) ones and always had some on the wall somewhere in the house.
For his “kindy graduation” we were asked to provide a book (!) for the part where Santa would appear at the end. I liked the idea of restricting the presents supplied by the parents to books, and it did help to make presents look pretty equal for everyone. (They also encouraged to include books for siblings if any present, good idea.)

Since we go through a lot of books with the library, I wanted to get something special and I always thought, having an Atlas for Tornado would be great.
The internet has many possibilities, but sometimes a book is just better!
We already had a lot of learning fun with a cheap and quite resistant blow-up/beachball globe bought in a newsagent. Can’t recommend it enough.
I looked around a bit, and finally found exactly what I wanted in the bookshop in the mall : 

61DLHpqpGZL._SS500_ This simple Atlas is great for any preschooler because :

  • The pages are cardboard, like for baby books, so it’s really resistant.
  • The maps of the continents are not overloaded with ‘serious’ geographic information, city names or regional names, but has many illustrations of landmarks, animals and of course, the local people.
  • Under the many ‘flaps’ more details about some of the illustrations can be discovered.
  • Included was a more classic poster map of the world with ALL flags of all (current) countries.

ll 003
On a first double page, the index, legend and some explanation about what an Atlas actually is and how this one works. (It really has only 14 pages.)

Usborne See Inside- Lift-the-flap picture atlas_1292024905139
On the Usborne website, you can have a look into some of the  pages. Here, Oceania, with Australia and those many Island States I still have a lot to learn about myself.

ll 007
More detailed view of the Eastern half of Oz. You see, it’s a relative random choice of fun facts in flaps. I can assure you, where we live, there are a few other noteworthy things than the invasion of the yucky Cane Toads! (Still, it’s something we can relate to : we have them in our garden every night at the moment…) But it has the Opera and Rock Uluru!

l 068
The map now has its place right over his bed and we study it every evening. (Note also the other “old”map of Oz on his pinboard on the right.)

Published in the UK originally, this Atlas seems to be out of stock on their website. But Amazon still has them (new or used) and Usborne has other awesome Atlases for different ages. And so do other publishers. Get one!

How do you discover the world with your little one(s) ?
Do you have a map on the wall, a globe or an Atlas ?

// This is an unsponsored post. I just share a product and an idea I really like. Because I can. //


One thought on “A great Atlas for kids! (unsponsored post)

  1. Alissa

    We received a world map in the mail yesterday from Doctors Without Borders, you know, hoping we’d donate to them and the boys are just thrilled with it. I was just thinking a globe or Atlas would be a Very Good Thing to ask the Grandparents to give for Christmas, thanks for the recommendation.


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