Crafty – Ahoy Pirates ! (cardboxing a pirate ship)


The last months were all about HarrHarr! – Pirates!
For Tornados Birthday, I prepared a treasure hunt, we then went to SeaWorld on the following weekend (pirate show) and by Halloween, first at kindy and then at a neighbour’s party, we knew our dressup/moustache routine. We played A LOT of pirate games with the Lego and the Fisherprice men too, but we only had small or makeshift boats (shoe boxes) ..
Then I started a project and it did not look too bad – but I could not find anything for a stable big mast! This weekend I finally dug out a tube from a (broken) play tent. I think the red sails are a good effect.
Obviously, it’s not a very true reconstruction (oh, Fisherprice has a really awesome set)  but I am very glad to say that Tornado was, again, very happy  with our homemade and recycled cardboard version, especially, because I tried to satisfy his wishes for certain features, like the outlook on top of the mast, an anchor on a string and, a trapdoor for the “cabin part”.

We also managed to fold an ok hat for the (fireman) captain of the ship, oddly baptised Pirate Hole” by the way in the meantime. (yes, I first heard something else, too)

There is really no instructions on how to get creative with cardboard boxes, just find the right sized box, cut and fold cleverly, use plenty of sticky tape (glue will often not be strong enough, staples are too dangerous). A tip maybe : correction fluids (TippEx, Wite-out, liquid paper) on black cardboard paper works great for pirate flags!
I always try to go for a certain stability, of course, but in the end, if it breaks or, in this case, the whole Pirate wave has rolled by, it’s fully disposable, can be recycled again, and did not cost us a penny golden coin from the treasure box.
“Come over to play at the Childhood 101 We Play link up”

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6 thoughts on “Crafty – Ahoy Pirates ! (cardboxing a pirate ship)

  1. Colleen

    Very fun project! My little pirates would love making one here. Thanks for sharing. Stopped by from the We Play links. Hope that you will pop over to my blog, too.

  2. Tracey M

    My son likes the Veggie Tales “Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything”. He’d probably like this too but hats off to your patience for making it! Thanks for stopping by my blog too!


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