Snapshot : Cane Toad hating me for no reason as – while I find them incredibly yucky and am shocked about the explosion of population of this introduced pest in Queensland – Dude, I just saved your life as the Dogthing would have STOMPED it to death out of pure joy.
nd i just can’t kill them.
Look at it. He’s not to blame.. You’ll be fine at the neighbour’s, buddy..


3 thoughts on “Toad

  1. Alissa

    Oh, I think that toad DOES hate you, lol. And that must be your dog in the side bar. We used to have a dog that would lay that way and chew on her paw at the same time. And yeah, if we even had Cane Toads here I’m pretty sure they would have been a chew toy in her mind.

    1. kaykay

      Well, the dogthing, 65 kg or more, has understood that their secretions taste yucky, after ‘foaming up’ several times – looked like he had rage, really!
      It can’t kill big dogs like him, but the cane toad counts on its poison and does not hide or jump away much, so yeah, if he plays with one, he would probably squish it. And i wouldn’t like to clean up THAT mess …aaargh.


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