We deal with nightmares..

I believe every parent goes through the scary phase of night terrors and we were no exception with Tornado. He would scream like he was being stabbed in the middle of the night and have me leaping out of bed to his rescue. Then he would stand upright in the bed, eyes wide open and talk gibberish. Not actually awake, he would still feel my presence and touch and basically let me lay him down. A few moments later he would casually turn around and go back to a profound sleep, leaving me with a heart rate that normally only my own panic attacks used to be able to bring on so instantly.
The next morning he would not remember anything. Textbook night terror.

While these terrors were rare and might have stopped (which is good because he now sleeps in a sort of ‘high bed’!), we have recently made the acquaintance of another phenomena our brain dishes up when we are asleep : the recurring nightmare.

Now, while I have experienced no bad reaction ever to even the scarier details of bedtime stories and also believe in the value of good ol’fashioned fairy tales (as i blogged about in my ‘fairy tale post’ that surprisingly brought me my 24 hours of fame on wordpress.com), my son  is very receptive to everything visual (i often wonder if that’s a male thing.. well, you know!), and watching his beloved “ScoobyDoo” has brought on a few discussions over the existence of Ghosts in our house. We looked everywhere and since we didn’t find any it’s generally agreed that ghosts don’t exist.


Then a few days back, we were watching what is also one of my favourite movies from the last years “Wall-e”. OMG, how I love that movie ! Who doesn’t, really. Now, admittedly, I was a bit surprised when Tornado was scared of the ‘evil’ robots that chase the gang of ‘rogue’ and cute misfits lead by Wall-e and EVA.  He never used to be! He then played the puzzle game that is on the DVD and, now older, managed to do much more things. But he completely blocked on the evil ‘Stewards’ again. Odd, I thought.

Tornado always has a tumultuous way to wake me in the morning (thus his name) but the next day he came running in screaming about an ‘evil robot’ in his dream. This was forgotten over the day but when it happened again, I wondered what we could do about it to make it stop.. I felt bot 035I had to really. Since it was Christmas, and we were busy with other projects and also weren’t going to be home for the holiday, my first measure was to quickly draw a FRIENDLY ROBOT and hang it over his bed.  Okay, this is very basic really, but it worked. But I promised him, we’ll get around to making an actual robot project.

Now Tornado also never forgets a promise, so yesterday, we went to work. With old cardboard boxes (lots around after Christmas), some acrylic paint I had, toilet rolls for the legs, and cable-tidy tubes for the arms, styrofoam eyes, some wire and a bit of red tinsel,  we made what I think is a lovely and very friendly little robot who will make sure there is no more bad robot dreams ! Since a robot means future, I am also using it for my
New Years Greetings to Everyone on this still new blog … –
All my best wishes & thanks for reading ! bot_s2011 

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2 thoughts on “We deal with nightmares..

  1. Booksphotographsandartwork

    Oh dang those night terrors. My son had them! Once he woke up, walked into the hallway and picked up the iron off of the washing machine! It’s a good think it hadn’t been used recently. He even had one as a young man after taking some cold meds. He came into the kitchen and opened the untensil drawer which really scared me because when he was in that state he was much stronger than usual. It was so scary to see him walking and talking with his eyes open and know that he was asleep and had no idea what he was doing.


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