Today I’m grateful for… distraction

With all this sh#t happening lately, with people dying far too young, and my accidental new home Queensland being washed over with a flood that would be worth mentioning in the Bible (if they ever bring out a sequel), 2011 doesn’t really start too great, and my woe to face life with more serenity is already being bitterly tested. (An email from overseas last night only added to that with potential for more family dramarama. Argh.).

But we will have to make do with it, I guess, now that we have already opened the package… So while it’s good to roll up our sleeves and get into it, sometimes, in times of crisis, of drama, of heart break, you just can’t take it anymore and want to change your mind a little, to refreshen your battery and get your spirit up, well, then there is always : distraction. (If feeling down becomes a more serious and ongoing state of mind, please also read my post about depression. Or just talk about it. To anyone. It’s ok to be NOT Ok. Ok?) 

Here are some things that work for me :

1. Thinking of the simple joys of life

book-of-awesomeThere are similar blogs around, this one is probably the most successful right now. They also have a book.
Check it out, feel better. Or write down your own little list of things that ALWAYS make you smile..

2. Playing addictive little games on the computerSouptoys_czk3

Nothing better than a totally free, totally pointless timewaster desktop application.
This one stands out for it’s sheer multitude of screen toys. They make noises, they interact, and some are totally cute! Souptoys brings you a toy box of dozens of little objects like robots, balloons or pirate ships, that you can pull onto your desktop and manipulate. It’s also great if you have a little geek sitting on your lap yearning to make their first moves with the mouse – but who would ever be too old to play ? You can make your desktop disappear with a checker background and built your own little messy or playground or, with a bit of practice, built elaborate constructions. souptoys

See their site HERE


Download safely on here

3. Reading a book

If you are a (real) reader, you will know what I mean with the sweet escapism that only a book can procure. When I read a good book, I will not be tired and go to sleep after 3 pages, I will pretend or really not hear my husband or my boy asking me questions or looking for things, and I will not check when the dogthing chews on something that might or might not be of value. (Although I had some regrets there) I will also not do any laundry.

But most of all, a good book will not only let you neglect your duty as a caring housewife/mother/slave but it can really take your mind of things that even vigorous shower scrubbing will not make go away.
Wether you are into chick lit or historical novels (like me) or wether you need some gory thriller to take you away for a while, definitively, pick up a book!

I’ve been reading too little lately but I’ll be reading this :


I got a parcel that took two months to get to me and was happy to discover a very belated birthday present for me: a book from my book auntie Owl.
Who loves thrillers too.
This one is set in Berlin in the 1930s/40s and was a huge success in Germany some years ago, but not as well received abroad. Well, we shall see.
(The image link goes to, for those who wonder about the German title, look here. It’s a metro station.)


Linky with Maxabella’s Saturday meme ‘Today I’m grateful for.. ” on her blog


5 thoughts on “Today I’m grateful for… distraction

  1. megan

    Ahh, distraction.. my friend. Thank you thank you for the introduction to the 1000awesomethings blog, I am in love and will spend the rest of my holidays reading it. And in between – escaping into the wonderful world of fiction. We are of a very similar mindset when it comes to reading!
    I hope your 2011 looks up soon (on a positive note, it shouldn’t take much for it to begin to look up after this) and the family dramas settle down into nothingness.

  2. Marita

    Reading is great escape. I love twitter and facebook too, talking up friends always cheers me up.

    Words With Friends on the iPhone is utterly addictive, a scrabble game you play against friends.

    I lost Soup Toys when Fred died and didn’t reinstall it on ZombieFred. A shame because my girls have been asking to play.

  3. life in a pink fibro

    Distractions are a fantastic way of getting through. I managed to get my Mr3 to walk over 1km up Mt Kosziosko by distracting him with songs, stories and ‘little chats’. We can keep going forward, so long as we don’t think about it too much. Here’s hoping 2011 gets better for you. 🙂

  4. Becky

    Love it. I feel in need of a good distraction right now. I should read more, but with three children under 4 I might regret it, because I am one of those people who literally do not hear anything once I get involved in a book and sometimes I forget to cook dinner…


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