Hope and New Beginnings

My heart goes out the people in Queensland concerned by the floods. Hang on, make that all of Australia, as floods are now reported from 5 different states! Thinking again, news reach us from Sri Lanka and Brazil, where , while Europe is not at the end of an unusually icy and snowy winter and blizzards have whipped through the USA. I leave it to experts to find explanations for all this.

I suspect that there might be factors that have worsened the impact of these natural disasters, such as rapid development of certain areas, careless urbanism, and yes, global warming, but it’s a fact that natural disasters happen and always have. Natural catastrophes strike, with varying violence, economical impact and death toll all over the world and they have, since we recorded history and beyond. Because no one can control nature. That’s basically, well, her nature.

Obviously, nothing compares to the pain of those who have lost a loved one, but there are many people who have lost everything else to get to safety. These people will be mourning too.

0000Brisbane flood_KP-9 It’s no consolation that ‘things are just things‘ when they were YOUR things! Things you have worked for all your life, things that were dear to you and your loved ones for personal reasons, things that cannot and will not be replaced. They are gone and you will have to live with it.
I have once had to leave my old life behind with only a few bags and my baby in my arms. It was a quick decision and the right decision at the time. I feel that, in that regard, I can actually relate.

I am not a great reader of poetry but at times I find that a few powerful words written by someone, even centuries ago, can all of a sudden take a meaning for you and your life that you didn’t expect.
And I saw a poem in a blog post at “Maxabella Loves…” that reminded me of something…
When it was very dark in my life, someone proposed to open a book of poetry at just any page. I am not superstitious either but I must say, the result of this silly little game surprised me. And I played it in Brisbane, the city that was about to become my new home. The city that now is facing darkness itself. Here is the poem I discovered back then :

Life can be a gentle brook, a meandering river, or a destructive torrent that leaves us broken and bruised on its passage. There is always ALWAYS HOPE though, always NEW BEGINNINGS. I know that.


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