Things that made me go "Mmmh..?!" (or ‘Mooh?’)

imaddges Icon-Flood-sml There are certainly a few things that made me go “Mmmh!?” over the last couple of days.  While everyone was under shock and watching as in Queensland an area that represents the surface of the whole of the state of Texas went under water, followed closely by floods in NSW and Victoria,  some simple and despicable minds were not hesitating to either find amusement or profit in the misery of others.

Right in the night of “The Big Wet” in Brisbane, one journalist caught a party of 3 pissheads on camera that were rowing in kids’ rubberboats through a flooded suburb. From close experience, I know that it needs barely a handful of water for a drunk person to drown. The stupidity of this is already unmeasurable. How it would feel for a those seeing their house go under to see these idiots have a flood ride is painful to imagine.
I should imagine the same frame of mind caused this bizarre incident in Victoria, that involved a couple and one or two blowup sex dolls. I don’t think the rescue services that had to pick them out of the water were extremely amused. Keeping the spirit and your sense of humour is one thing, being simply a stupid clown is not actually appropriate sometimes. Get lost!

Rubbernecks, tourists and a flood of photos







Ok, so while I understand how people wanted to see the flood, especially in Brisbane with their own eyes, when the police started appealing to clear the roads to allow residents to move and emergency services to circulate, it was time to control this urge. There was enough footage on tv, still valuable urgent information was drowned by everyone’s ‘flood shots’ on twitter. I’ve also heard from people desperately clearing their houses with onlookers standing by – and not giving a helping hand. WtF?

Cases of looting have been reported in Ipswich and Brisbane. What can you say? It’s so obviously wrong to go steal from people who may have already have lost most of what they had.. and this includes some of the smaller businesses who, like many individuals, might not have insurance cover for flood. It’s just disgusting.

Overpriced food
On the other hand, some businesses were quick to turn into profit the initial fear of locals to find themselves in a situation of food shortage : cases of 7 to 10 $ for a loaf of bread (!) were on the news, but I suppose many smaller, unjustified price ranges were left unreported. Just so wrong!

Tradie scams
00000images (13)In the aftermath of the floods, the police warned of the first scams that people had fallen victim to : “Tradesmen” would propose services on damaged houses, ask money in advance – and disappear for ever !
Shame, shame, shame !
Fortunately, many other tradies rally around TripleM’s Mato :
“I’m calling on all Triple M tradies  to join me and the blokes who work with me, to donate a week pf your time. If 2600 of us sign up, that’s 104,000 working hours.” And they’re doing it!
Obviously, it’s a useful bit of advertising for a company too, but after the big cleanup, specialist work is going to be needed and if some of it can come in for free, that’s simply awesome. Good job!

And no one talks about the cattle ?
I have been wondering from the time when the reports were making it clear that waste areas have been flooded, that no one really mentions what happened to the cattle.. ? Australia is for me this country where, contrary to Europe where farmers have much less land at their disposal, cattle roams freely on properties that are as big as some of the federal states of Germany.  000000r696151_5289704 (1)
I totally understand that people and their property were the first priority of emergency services and politicians alike, but even for health and hygiene reasons, I simply wonder how many cows or sheep – by estimation at least – have perished (of course with the equally concerned wildlife) in the flood waters that then washed over more urban regions, before receding to leave behind a layer of muddy slush and an unimaginable amount of debris of all kind. I found next to nothing. How come no one even talks about this ?

Yeah, hmmm. I am just so full of all this, I will get to ‘normal (mami) blogging’ in time, but I guess I am not alone to wonder about the nature of some people during these big flood disasters  (and the absence of news about cows).


One thought on “Things that made me go "Mmmh..?!" (or ‘Mooh?’)

  1. Booksphotographsandartwork

    I always always worry most about any animals in these situations as people seem to totally forget about them. People can help themselves but animals cannot! I can still see the horrible images from the televison during hurricane Katrina in the USA where pets were still on chains with water up to their necks and cows on back porches. What kind of person does that?! I get so upset.


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