We play.. with little ones.


My friend has a 2 yo daughter and I have noticed that Tornado – usually quite the wild child as his nickname suggests -has developed a very knightly or gentlemen like attitude towards her.

This makes me happy as he is a single child (with two part-time teenage siblings though) and I really didn’t want to raise a little dragon child who cannot share, and wants wants wants all to be only about him.

While we obviously get this attitude at home anyway, especially when he’s alone with me (…), he seemed to be doing very well in kindy, even with ‘the little ones’ and I am not worried for his integration during his first days of ‘BigSchool’ (prep in Queensland, started yesterday!).

I think it cannot be stressed enough how much regular visits to playgrounds, playing with other children – of any age – will help your child develop social skills that will make your own social life so much easier! After all, not all your friends will have kids at the same time..

I have noticed that, with a dose of more age appropriate explanations or activities to his liking, like rough housing, running and climbing, he will happily play for a long time with the little princess, he is gentle and attentive,  even supervises, protects and helps his little friend.
And the two mums are having a great time on the sideline, yapping through the latest gossip too. Perfect.

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5 thoughts on “We play.. with little ones.

  1. disydoit

    ha! I need reminding of this. F is needing socialisation after being home with dad for a year. He starts childcare next week for 3 days a week which will be helpful. He likes to bash his cousin with his toys and them smothers him in kisses and hugs. We are seeing baby twins tomorrow I hope he is gentle with them!

  2. kaykay

    Tornado is equally full of contrast in his interactions with me. He never seemed to mind much when older children in kindy were a bit rough or actually not nice to him (even teasing). He is much kinder to little ones himself though, I am thinking now.. unless he gets a bit carried away, that is.. Your son must be 4 then? You’ll see, daycare will be great for him 🙂

  3. amandab75

    Princess has a cousin who is 7.5 and he is the same with her. He wants her to go to the same school as him so he can look after her 🙂

    And she is kind of the same with her almost 3yo cousin, wanting to teach him how to do things properly. She does let BOTH her cousins know when they are being naughty though! LOL

  4. Martianne

    Oh, how we struggle with appropriate behaviors despite regular visits to playgrounds, story hours, co-ops, etc. Our son can be a crasher and our daughter likes to put on a poutie face. That said, they play and interact very nicely with others sometimes… And, I so love getting out to be with other adults while the kids play!

  5. Christie

    What a lovely quality in Tornado, caring for those who are younger than he. And I completely agree that these sorts of social interactions are so important.


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