Our Home is girt by Sea…

blue 099s

Aussie Worldless Wednesday

Linked up with Trish from My Little Drummer Boys – HERE.
(More photos of our day with just a few words below)
Tornado is not happy as we are not all running with him directly to the Jumping Castle – to cue for at least half an hour in the burning sun.
My friend goes and gets him for me, I take photos, see the classic boy pose !

ozday [640x480]

This beautiful Holden FX wasn’t the oldest one on display – but my flaming favourite – Check out the wheels! Awesome.  ozday (2) [640x480]

Tornado is now happy again and very busy eating his ice cream faster than the sun can melt it down. Not an easy task, he even allowed me to help.

ozday (3) [640x480]

We ended up elsewhere where with much more shadow. And much more children too ! I really enjoyed watching them all play so well together.

ozday (4) [640x480]

Tornado doing his own thing, balancing. “I am Super Mario!”  ozday9 [640x480]

Was considering to let him have an improvised little dip in the Bay, but then he came out quickly “Oh Mom, my Australya-pants are getting wet!” O_oozday (5) [640x480] ozday (6) [640x480]

Someone was just holding the bubble thingy in the breeze at the water, and Tornado started running around to catch the big bubbles. Very cute. ozday (7) [640x480]

For those who take photography a little bit more serious : Two variations to one shot (see wordless first photo). Which one is better ? I can’t decide !

ozday (8) [640x480]

All in all, we had a great day ! The sun was merciless and we were sticky and hot under our sunscreen, we were driving around a bit too much but we still had a good time. It was the local, the ‘public barbie & beach’ version of how Australians spend their National Holiday. Tornado and me felt right.at.home.


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