This first day actually wasn’t all that bad.
Ok, I had 3 or maybe 4 popsicle ice creams , and lots of of other snacks, kept myself busy tidying up the house…I have started directly with the lowest patch (5mg, normally for phase 3) and it seems to work alright for me. Obviously it delays the actual withdrawal situation, but it’s a start. It’s awkward to talk about it, but public exposure – and hopefully support – increases my chances to actually quit for good. Anyone ?


11 thoughts on “Quitting.

  1. amandab75

    I did the patches for about 4 days, then managed to go cold turkey after that. My husband quit too, and he has smoked a lot longer than I have. My sister lives with us, and she still smokes, but smehow I am okay with that, and I am still enjoying a drink without the need to smoke. I guess it was just time.

    My husband stocks up on lollipops for those moments of need, which often hit during really boring moments whilst driving.

    Good luck! 🙂 If I can do it I know you can too 🙂

    1. kaykay

      Always good to hear a ‘success story’. I read the addiction to nicotine is harder to beat than heroine and cocaine. 0_0
      But I stopped for almost 2 years easily (just before pregnancy) and very consciously took up smoking again – because otherwise I would have turned to harder drugs. seriously.
      Now my life is so much better and I don’t need it no more. I think! lol
      But how my husband goes will certainly be pretty important too…

      1. amandab75

        I quit 3 months before falling pregnant and it was probably when Princess was 18 months old that I started again because, like you, I would have gone insane otherwise (still had days when the thought of a drink at lunch time seemed like a very good idea! Not that I ever did .. .well, except for family celebrations and Chirstmas! LOL).

        My husband has smoked a lot longer than I have, and more, and he has had 2 cigarettes since “quitting”. The last time he did I made him sleep on the couch, so hopefully that taught him a lesson LOL

  2. disydoit

    good luck. I have done hypnosis and one of the drugs as wel as Allen Carr book..but still need to keep in trying. Have you quit successfully before? I think the 3 month milestone is a big one (about the time I started again)

    1. kaykay

      thanks! (i’m going to need it..?) I have stopped just in time to get pregnant with not much problem at all. that’s the best motivation I guess.. I need my husband to stop tho, he smokes more than me and for all his life. I want to show him it’s possible (and i’m a bit competitive too lol) .. They say you should never stop trying to quit. Give it a go!!

  3. Kym Piez

    Hi! Just introducing myself after popping over from Bigwords. Congratulations on your stylish award. I think it’s well deserved! Loving your posts. They’re so varied and different. And serious too. Okay, so it’s official. I’m stalking you! xx

    1. kaykay

      Thank you 🙂 I just went on your blog and I HAVE been there before!
      I really must get a bit more organized about my blog following, google reader doesn’t do it for me ..

  4. Kym Piez

    And in getting all caught up with stalking you, I forgot the main reason why I posted here at this entry. Wishing you luck. Because it’s easier to quit heroine. Not to give you an excuse to stop quitting. But to tell you that it IS hard. And I’m supporting you all the way. xx

    1. kaykay

      And thanks again. A few days in and I HAVE smoked a few… – with patch ! – because I’m just such a rebel a junkie! an idiot…(I have no experience with harder drugs, but the comparison with Heroine impressed me a lot! It should not become an excuse though. Am still determined to stop though and it’s nothing compared to the 20 i smoked before..I count it as going well still..)


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