7 things on a Sunday..

Here is a collection of 7 things I want to share today. I am calling it :


It could be a review of the week, or simply a collection of ‘briefs’ that I want to share, I don’t know, I’m still trying it out. So here I go :

My son dancing away the last hours of 2010. 010111_365

Who would have known that 2011 would bring, for so many and so soon, so much heartbreak and pain ? I hope we will be dancing all year still.
I have started a project365 Here but am planning to be more present on Flickr again. Here.

After the big floods in Queensland (and elsewhere in Australia) and after the big wave of solidarity, volunteers and donations, the Government is proposing a flood tax or levy to help rebuilt the affected regions. Even when nothing more was known about it yet, already a good 70% of the population was against it and the political ‘playas’ were grinding their teeth to shamelessly exploit the discussion about how to handle a natural disaster of incredible dimension to their favour in the game of power. It reminds me a lot of the ugly discussion on the German ‘Solidarity Surcharge’ after the Reunification in 1990. Everybody was happy to knock down the wall, hand out bananas and have the poor East-German relative stay over for a visit in Blingville, but it’s a different thing to be forced to pay. Even when you totally have the means to do so.
Interesting comment on the ‘heartless bastards debate’, here on the ABC website.

I have always loved to look up definitions, origins and applications of words that needed clarification. Wikipedia, but also other free (and foreign) dictionaries and knowledge bases are totally my thing.empathy
This week’s word is ‘EMPATHY’ .
In the context of the floods and some totally unrelated (grave) incidents and raw blog posts in the Australian Mummy Blogosphere, the meaning of this word, the impact of the actions it can produce, the change of its value when combined with negative feelings like  egocentricity, envy and fear are incredibly interesting, yet very upsetting to watch. It was worth exploring it to maybe understand a bit more what is going on (with people). For the difference between sympathy & empathy, also here.

Nerdfighters_1296369171817At Nerdfighters.com, they’re  “about bringing nerdfighters together to increase awesome and decreasing world suck.”
“In the contemporary world where things fall apart and the center can not hold you have to imagine a community where there is no center… A lot of life is about doing things that don’t suck with people who don’t suck.”
“Nerdfighting can be any activity that either helps to remove stress (such as writing an enjoyable novel), or directly helps others (such as moving to Africa to teach the impoverished).”  – I have come across this before and will now check it out a bit more. It sounds quirky but positive and community building. Certainly better than what the trolls do, I say.

I am trying to quit smoking.
Because my life is too precious to me and to other people to risk to lose it or even shorten it with something that provides only very temporary pleasure and a lot of very concrete disadvantages (that you all know).

It’s as simple as that. Or not.

The SONGcamille
By talented French singer/ songwriter Camille, from the 2005 concept album ‘Le fil’. I was chuffed to see her make it into the TripleJ Hottest 100 of 2006 here in Australia! Interesting video too.
A great, contemporary  song about pain and compassion. Check it out!

logoSo I had the idea to the SUNDAY 7 today, as a writing/posting/thinking prompt. Many people do something special on special days in their blog, right?
Not all Sundays are quiet though, and I don’t think I will do it every week. I am also not ambitious/ consistent/popular enough to start a meme (yet). But I like the idea of sharing 7 things and have at least 7 comments ? ok ? 🙂


13 thoughts on “7 things on a Sunday..

  1. koosli

    Nice! I didn’t know the parallel between our levy and the reunification stuff. So you taught me something today.

    I’ve been thinking a lot about empathy too. How much better the world would be if more took the effort to imagine themselves in another’s shoes. I think it should be word of the decade 🙂

    1. kaykay

      The ‘solidarity tax’ in Germany is proportionate to income (and still on btw!) so it’s really a bit similar to what they are talking about here. The circumstances are different, but the reactions and emotions are definitively very close to what went on there at first.
      Now some people try to prove it’s against the constitution it seems..
      Feeling empathy alone seems not enough to make people want to HELP others to feel better. It can also create fear to be in the same situation one day (or again) and totally backfire.. Lessons of life..

  2. amandab75

    A great idea 🙂 Are you thinking of making it a linky? Not sure that I could be so thoughtful as you though … my head is too full of 4yo white noise and a voice screaming “Just be quiet!!!” for me to have any real thoughts right now, LOL

    Will have to take a look at Nedfighters, sounds interesting

    1. kaykay

      yeah, well, if you don’t have enough quiet time on Sundays, maybe prepare one over the week. That’s what I will try to do anyhow. It was fun to post. 🙂

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    1. kaykay

      Thanks ! 🙂
      I am thinking I might keep it up if I prepare it during the week, I quite enjoyed putting a bit of thought into but I just don’t know if it would work as a linky..

  4. Wordgirl

    Hi there,

    I’m sitting here stunned with the sympathy/empathy bit — wonderfully astute — I was thinking this very thing while reading responses as well — I kept thinking about a woman I met in a Seattle airport fifteen years ago — she was on her way to Alaska (and I might add, a bit intoxicated) but something of her story elicited from me the word ‘sympathy’ — and she launched into this searing and wrenching explanation of that vs. empathy… and having been through some trauma in my own life — I realized how right she was in that moment — sympathy distances us — to give someone sympathy is to build this separate space between self and other –when really it is empathy that says — there but for the grace of god go I.

    Thanks for the moment of reflection –



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