The ‘School Run’– told in 140 letters

th_schulwegI used to walk to school. After a family ceremony on the first day, my big brother and me walked together, crossing that zebra crossing like little champs and arriving after 10 min at the primary school in our neighbourhood. Later I walked alone or met up with friends. At 10, I went to high school on my bicycle. For 9 years, rain or shine. Even in the snow. Yeah, I’m not that old, but those were different times in a different world.
So the whole ‘school run’ business is completely new to me.
Here’s how I went during our first week at Prep, in the form of SMS that I  have actually sent and could have sent to a friend of mine.

Sunday evening :
Prepared uniform, backpack, lunchbox. Early and successful bedtime. Child & mother EXTREMELY MOTIVATED. Bring it ON, Prep!

Monday am:
SMOTH SAILING: healthy breakfast, ready to go, clean & dressed, even time for some make-up & short cartoon on TV. Yay! We rock!

Uh CHAOS, school run indeed tricky as have to bring boy inside. Am PARKING FAR OFF & walk with the crowd. Cool Lollipop lady!lollipop_500x500_t325

Monday pm :
Wow, so PICKUP IS WORSE!? Kids waiting in ‘zones’ for drive-by parents. In this HEAT! Still looks like ok system. well, next year..

2minLATE, but collecting cheerful child in class. & Odd certificate “Congrats! T SURVIVED his first day in Prep” uhm… Yay? (WTF?)

Stopping for PREGNANT NEIGHBOUR w toddler & new classmate. walking! in the heat! might just have ‘caught’ me a CAR POOL..

Tuesday am/pm :
Pretty much the SAME AS DAY1. Car pool Xtra motivation for the boy, not much hassle for me really. Happy to help &it’s on our way.

Wednesday :
AUSTRALIA DAY ! am wondering if this DAY OFF might kind of cut the new routine a little. but great day with big emotions and seaside fun!

Child not cooperating at all at bedtime. Now HATES SCHOOL as had HATED KINDY days. great. Am worried for the morning routine.

images (1)Thursday am :
Am using pregnant neighbour to get really CLOSE PARKING. Cool. New ‘best mate’ & Lollipop lady helping with grumpy boy.

Thursday pm :
Odd how he would not stop talking usually, now in car ANSWERS NO QUESTIONS about his day at school. A teenager at 5. Oh well..

Friday am :
Neighbour’s husband driving them, ok. Am parking hazardously, & mute into CHIPPER MOTHER CLOWN 2 prevent tantrum in class.

Mother clown EPIC FAIL. Rushing out HEARTBROKEN as child cries for his mami w real tears. Sad smile Teacher firm & friendly w us.

Friday pm :
omg WHAT time!? FARK  this can’t be happening! SO LATE for pick-up! Argh! AM WORST MUM IN THE WORLD ! forgive me, boy!



He was alright. I arrived 10 min late (!), after running (in thongs) from an even worse parking spot (basically inside a round-about); when I got there, he came running into me – ‘Mameeee!’ – so hard that I almost fell on the floor. The teacher gave me an indulging look and also a telephone number to call in case of delays in the future.
Yeah. Good idea. In case there is a real problem, and this SAHM is not just wasting time on the internet. FORGETTING her child. Uhm..

So how did you go ? Ready for week 2 ?
If you see me at school, don’t stop me for a chat. Am probably late again.


4 thoughts on “The ‘School Run’– told in 140 letters

  1. kaykay

    well you are lucky. the highlight today : when mama cool (on time, rebel parking but not too far) turned into hysteric Doris Day impersonation because a huge yellow (?!) horsefly was buzzing around in the car!
    Every day is an adventure now!

  2. Trish

    I will be just starting all again in 12 months time – double the fun this time round.
    I do remember being late though on many occasions…lucky I had besties who chatted at the gate and a dawdler.
    ONward to w2.


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