Cyclone Yasi – I’m so scared for them…


It’ all over the news I am quite overwhelmed by this new,  announced spectacle of nature’s fury *.
I know, it does not mean anything. There is no one to blame. At least there are warnings and evacuations nowadays… But it’s just so damn scary and upsetting to watch, even if we are, again, in a safe zone. (Awesome is up in Rocky, but for the time being it seems to be just out of reach there. )

*)Tropical cyclone Yasi is currently approaching the coasts of Northern Queensland, now classed as a force 5, translating to winds up to almost 300 km/h. It’s a forecasted second natural disaster of gigantic proportions  in the space of only a few weeks. Queensland, still battered by the impact of the January floods (covering  a region as big as Texas) is, again, waiting to see how an unstoppable force of nature will bring destruction, more flooding and, most likely, death.  Just like in 1974, a flood and a tropical cyclone, are hitting this part of Australia, only  at the time, the land and the people had  11 months to recover between the two events. Let’s keep our hopes up that Yasi will end up having much less impact than the predictions, evacuations and warnings announce.. Queensland is brave but it does not need to prove it yet again!


4 thoughts on “Cyclone Yasi – I’m so scared for them…

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  3. disydoit

    hey – glad to here Awesome is/was out of the line of it. Watching Anna Bligh press conferences were frightening last night. Hvae not been too glued to it today but it feels as if it wasn;t as bad as they thought. I still think it must have been horrific sitting in a dark room listening to it.

    1. kaykay

      i know!! i am really not in a danger zone (for natural disasters) but I think I am just not used to living in a country with deadly spiders and snakes, storms, floods and fire (!) – I really have to get an emergency kit though, torch and a battery radio, after all you NEVER know, right?
      My voice obviously does not count (yet) but I personally think that Anna Bligh and Julia Gillard have handled this new home crisis again with a lot of professionalism and grace : yes it was scary (again) but you really felt that they did – or had done – all that is possible and necessary to protect and help their people. No one died. That was really good news today. 🙂


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