What’s my style anyway ?

121610_1625_stylishblog1A few days ago, I had the surprise to get an email saying “Congrats…you have been awarded the ‘Stylish Blogger Award’“. Must be for my truly awesome (?) blog design, I thought (recently updated my AboutMe page) but when I went to BigWords’ blog (which I really quite like so I felt doubly flattered), I found her post about her 7 wardrobe essentials and was confused :  Oh, it’s about my own style then ?
According to the rules of this snowball blog award, 14 other ‘stylish’ bloggers also got the price (making me feel a little bit less special, i have to say) but yes, thank you very much! and “I want to thank my family and some other great people who made this all possible … –
Hey, Ms BigWords, do you know in what situation you put me in here ? Stylish, me ?
Geez, I really don’t actually DO fashion anymore !
So what’s stylish style …?!
Well, probably, somewhere between  Casual chic, Skater girl, Eurotrash, Young Urban Lesbian (just the look) and uhm.. Sporty Spice ?who is this?

You see, most of my clothes are from the ‘basics’ section in shops, and they’re cheap shops, too : I hate spending money on clothes as we’re a bit on a budget now, and most days, I have no problem with wearing daggy, crumpled and spotty clothes to run around in the house, even to the mall, and now, to the school run. This is why I could totally relate to Lori’s “Anti-fashionista post, posted what seems like an eternity ago now…
I would like to dedicate this post to her
. (Maybe she reads it one day. It doesn’t matter now. Her post, so many of her posts before made me laugh then. Now we all cry with her.. )
Because I now think :  having no style is definitively a style too! Indeed, I’ve realized that I totally DO some sort of fashion, in my own way. And while I don’t do fashion, I am quick with judgement on people that do (and badly..but that will be subject of future posts) Here, from head to toe,  is my list of seven – not so randomly picked – items for my very own casual everyday style :

I have a small head (size 56) and I only like the classic style baseball / cricket caps on it, that is round top (not high) and a nicely bent duck beak (important!). You still need sun screen on the ears, mind you, but I like them for me and you can hide a bad hair day, have some sun protection and still look kind of cool.
This IMO is not the case for those horrible big caps with flat shield (worn with the tag ?!) that were around in the last years! Yuck!

Very classic for my sunnies too. Since I need to wear prescription sunnies (yeah, I know, a fashion handicap), i have only 2 pairs at the moment : one looks like the RayBan Wayfarer (the Blues Brothers model), the other is the oval shaped model by the brand ‘Police’ (on the right). I really would like to get a pair of Aviators (middle) next – can’t go wrong with any of these!

Most of my tops are pretty basic singlets. I have ‘a bit’ more cleavage than the chicks on the photos, that’s why I avoid slogans or pictures a little nowadays (they notice anyway). Got some bright colours too, some have little frills or buttons for a somewhat feminine touch but that’s pretty much the look. With more boobs and a few tattoos, well, you get it.

I love light cargo (or battle) pants. Growing up (yeah, no, well, never mind, in progress, 4-0 soon, can’t believe it myself), I am choosing them a little bit ‘tighter fitting’ but I still have 2 camos ! Smile Bermudas (?) or 3/4s  don’t become my (short) legs all too well, but I like to wear them around the house. Oh, and a message to the Youth : Baggy pants are great, but PLEASE pull them up. Like Dr Phil AND even Obama, I say NO TO CRACK!

The Japanese Brand Asics makes my forever favourite sneakers, more precisely the “Tiger Onitsuka Mexico 66 (a bit more solid than the Tai Chi model Uma Thurman wore to kill Bill ). They come in all kind of colours, are light and comfortable and the ones I had always last me for years. I now have a pair in black w/gold and another in silver w/turquoise . I really kind of fancy the black w/pink model, Oh! I want  them. But they are a bit dear, so an  honorary mention goes to the cheap and comfy Dunlop Volley that I only discovered here in Australia (but what’s up with the rapid ‘toe wear’?).

I have one pair of actual ‘hot pants’(as in: short&tight). They are cut off jeans of my first boyfriend. I was 17. I still have them. They still (kind of) fit me! Yeee-harr! Cuz I rock! (ok, at the moment I can’t quite close the zip. But still.) Apart from this ‘sentimental’ pair,  never was much of a babe in shorts because, well, my legs are already short..? I am getting more used to it now (it’s just so damn hot here) and still like best just a pair of cut stone-washed jeans. (but girls, not too short, it looks ueber-cheap! Don’t even mention the absurd  fashion of the ‘visible pockets’, ok. Please – just don’t do it!)

Long before I came to Australia, when it became ok to wear thongs or flip flops ‘in the city’, I stubbornly wore Docs or sandals. Later, I even had Dr Martens sandals.  I still think  thongs are a bit trashy and what more is, most models would be so bad for your (or your child’s) feet!?! But sometimes, trashy is just right so I occasionally wear Volley’s thongs (left, won in a competition, with a photo of dogthing chewing up a purple pair..) most times though, I wear and  I totally recommend AussieSoles ‘ Starfish (on the right). They have an ergonomic foot bed and are so much lighter than the sandals made by Crocs (USA). They come in wicked colour mixes and have models with elastic straps for kiddies. Can’t imagine living without them. I mean it. Tornado calls them his “zebra shoes”. We love them!

I know I have to choose 15 bloggers to pass the award on to.
Bear with me. I will have to really look sharply into the list of the dozens (hundreds?) of blogs I am randomly following via Google reader, to pick 15 that will then make it into my Blogroll (in construction) and get the price as a bonus.
But since it is dedicated to her, the queen of anti-fashionistas in blogland, the first one goes to Lori (the chick with the awesome piercings.. in the daggy grey cardie.. exactly.) and her bitter sweet blog “Random Ramblings of a SAHM“, where she blogs IN STYLE.  xox

Flogging my blog courtesy of Kristin from “Wanderlust” :

and highly recommend the post of another anti-fashionista, Holly, from “Good Golly Miss Holly” – very funny!


2 thoughts on “What’s my style anyway ?

  1. Kym Piez

    Congratulations on your award. My award is still in drafts because I’m thinking what the hell I write about (my style?). Oh dear. But you did well! Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend (sleep in?) so far. xx


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