Pancake up your life! (unsponsored post)

So shortly after my pancake series, our favourite German supermarket is bringing us today, amongst other fab’ kitchen articles at bargain prices (that little toaster oven… for my husbands nightly cheese toasts.. maybe.) three more or less ingenious devices to make you a pancake goddess: pancake







I can assure you, it’s purely coincidental (hey, not that I wouldn’t mind them as a sponsor, they get enough money from me already) and while for under 30 AU$ you can feel like a real French Crêpière, and for under 20$ your pancakes will be perfectly shaped (who would even want that ?), I still recommend the simple pan (for under 7 $ …) because in the end, some awesome kitchen appliances will only sit in the cupboard as they are too difficult to clean, too bulky to move around, and since you don’t use them all the time, hidden somewhere in the back. And don’t tell me you don’t have one like that.
So while I am very tempted by the chic crêpe maker, I am not getting it today.
I’ll get me the cheap pan, and I’ll enjoy making pancakes with little hassle.
And I will look guilty to the top of our kitchen cupboard where that cute little black (!)  deep fryer sits sadly. As it has never been used. Not once. Meh.

What’s your failed investment into kitchen godessness? Or else what should I buy that would really make my life easier and my family look as if they’d come right out of a TV commercial ?

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