Postcrossing – we signed up again !

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After a break of about 3 years, we have signed up for postcrossing again, and, with Tornado being a bit older, too, I am hoping to make it an ongoing project.

We were quite exited about our very first destination – a school class of 7year olds in Ohio, USA. Smile All the other cards go to Europe (DK, FIN, NL, D).

I did not go much out of my way and bought my first 5 postcards at the post office. I know!.. Australian Animals..bit of a cliché..but they DO live here and the kids and the lady in Germany who is obsessed with Koala (..uhm “bears”?) will love it! It occurred to me too that, for postcards of the Redlands, I will either have to go to Cleveland or Wynnum, or – even better – I will have to have some of my own photos printed. (See here on my Flickr for shots from the suburp’s burb) BUT : as I know how “Perfectionism kills the project” – I will see that for later.  Now I  just have to drop off the cards and wait for our first postcards to arrive !

And a special thanks to Amanda from Homeage whose posts about her postcrossing activities reminded me of how much fun it is to randomly connect with strangers around the world with not too many strings attached… (Oh wait, blogging is a bit like that too.. lol)


5 thoughts on “Postcrossing – we signed up again !

  1. amandab75

    Yeah for you 🙂 And thanks for the linky love 🙂

    We sent off our first 10 postcards in over a month this week, and a couple of apology cards to people we had missed registering somehow. I also picked up some nice new storage for the cards too 🙂
    Looking forward to seeing where your first card comes from 🙂

    1. kaykay

      oh, I’m glad you are still doing it 🙂 maybe we can do a direct swap sometimes ?
      i’m more excited than Tornado really, he does not remember how good it works and doesn’t quite see the benefit of sending postcards OUT !
      I’ll try to update in the blog, I’ll create a page with the countries too somehow.
      It’s a bit of a discipline but great fun. Hey and was it you saying it’s hard to get postcards ? I just realized how true that is out in the suburbs, geez! (was in Bris city before). well, watch this space !

      1. amandab75

        Yep, finding postcards has become really hard, but I went to the city last week ad stocked up on 50 of them, so I should be alright for at least a month 🙂 There ar a couple of websites, but I like to particular get Melbourne ones, not just Australian if I can. Also, if you go to a tourist-y place buy them there, they can somtimes be cheaper 🙂

        And definitely we will do a direct swap 🙂 Let me get over my head cold/flu and I will email you 🙂

      2. kaykay

        50 postcards!! wow! 🙂 In Brisbane there were shops with all kinds of postcards, of course, but here it’s really limited and I wonder if there even is any showing our part of the coast here .. I’m only getting started but I have to look into websites where I can order cards of my own photos. If I was on the receiving end, that’s what I’d like best 🙂
        Definitively contact me!

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