Suburp’s Sunday Seven – # 3


Argh. Is it Sunday already ? This week went by in a blur!
We had a major drama just before bedtime, involving silly roughhousing that ended with Tornado almost knocking himself out on a chair – because I basically pushed him!
But he seems alright now (we brought down the swelling on his forehead with some ice and I kept him awake to see if there were signs of concussion) and my main concern now is how he will tell the story in school.. o_O
Anyway, on with the 7..

The Photophoto
I discovered this afternoon that, 2 days ago, when Tornado had my phone in his hands when I woke up, he had actually already taken some photos. Most were a bit random, details of the room and blurry body parts of me, still asleep (he’s more used to my actual camera than the camera phone). But I really quite liked this one.

The Thought
egyptian-kisses-copMany people are not comfortable with talking politics on a personal blog, and I am no exception on that. But with the recent events in Egypt, following those in Tunisia, I can’t  help but thinking that I need to at least keep myself a bit more up to date by watching the news at least once per day, or read up coherent reports online to understand how and how much some of it can, at some point, affect us all. Even if it seems so far away from our peaceful suburbs in Oz.

The Word
The word ‘overthinking’ came to my mind this week and halfway through it, I thought how odd this word is. Can you actually ever think too much about something ? Obviously, it is mostly used in the context of ‘Analysis paralysis’.. or, more mundanely, when the interpretation of silence, for example will lead to paranoid thoughts or jealousy.
Also, I thought it is odd that the literal German translation (überdenken) means ‘to reconsider’ and I think (!) that is actually not always a bad thing? Probably something I will have to mull over a bit more.
As I do.

The Link
Poisson Rouge . Red Fish Soup . Games for Children . Jeux pour Enfants - Google Chrome 13022011 102446 PMI discovered this week, that Tornado’s preppie class goes on the site for their share of interactive, very age-appropriate and educational games.
And it’s free for anyone to go and play !

The Project
120211_12I am so incredibly pleased with the result of my idle idea to paint the television in the family room, that I have decided I must now continue to put more decorative elements in our house, especially pictures and photos on the walls.
Sucks to be renting, but then, there are sticky hooks and blu-tack. And I really feel like going crazy with colours for the family room Smile.


The Song Video!
Sesame Street Mad MenI have been watching the first 3 seasons of Mad Men over the last weeks, and I must say, I am now a fan!
What a smart and sexy series… While it’s obviously very American, it’s still incredibly interesting to see historic events, the morals, social and corporate life in the 60s so brilliantly webbed in an interesting storyline. (Am obviously also completely smitten by the twisted and complex character of the Don – who isn’t ?). But.. since this is a mommy blog (sort of), I thought I’d share what the Sesame Street made of it. Enjoy!

The Idea
journal [320x200]Although probably, my best idea this week was to paint the TV Smile, I’m never short of ideas, even if some of them are very short lived or basically just silly. They come and go…
But my son told me an elaborate and very beautiful story today – “The Moonflower” and I thought I should really write it down. I used to translate his best word inventions and odd conversations in the blog I had for my mum, and I don’t think all are interesting for a wider public, but since I have a visual diary for him about his first year in school, I should really complete it with a book of his own stories. (I think I will probably post the moonflower story tho, it was just so awesome! )


3 thoughts on “Suburp’s Sunday Seven – # 3

  1. amandab75

    I like the photo, you look very cute 🙂

    Great colour for you tv, I had never thought of painting a tv before, but it certainly makes a big impact seeing it.

    I love the Sesame Street re-takes on various shows. Their versions of Law and Order are great (I’ve seen them air on tv) and True Mud was quite funny. Still not sure if I like the idea of them doing it though, I think too much of the tv/films made for kids get hijacked by adult concepts that I don’t think is really necessary. It’s not about us, it’s about them.

  2. kaykay

    😀 I was going to mention the L&O one, I thought it was so funny (“stop with that noise already!”) – I also saw it on tv and was kind of surprised by the concept. I see what you are saying, but I think these spoofs are more a ‘clin d’oeil’ (a wink?) to the parents watching, given that preschoolers hardly would know the shows that persiflaged .. ?
    thanks for commenting again, it’s nice to know someone reads !

  3. disydoit

    hey – what is your tattoo of? I always wake up with a sore wrist from sleeping all tucked up like that. I am guessing you were up till 3am that morning 😉


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