Postcrossing- it’s getting started !

After signing up not quite a month ago and sending my first Koala/Kangaroo postcards to the world, here are the countries we have exchanged postcards with so far via the fabulous site :

We Australia-Flag-128sent postcards to :




And we received postcards from :



So? Did YOU know all these flags ?
Here is the solution…

00countries(Also just found that you can just hover over each flag..d’uh..)

Admittedly, I thought Taiwan looked different for some reason, and I did not have a clue about the flag for Belarus either. But I am quite secure on the European Flags, been around there long enough Smile.
Germany seems over-represented (yes Belgium is somewhat the same colours, but it’s NOT the same flag, just upside down, look closely!) and it’s seems that this is the same for the US and, curiously, Finland. I haven’t checked the ‘no repeat option’ on the site, which you can do if you want only new and different countries.
So while our collection is growing and people seem to pick up on the fact that they are writing to a 5 year old too, we are busy looking up all these known and unknown countries on our world map poster and we find the flag in our list! It’s fun and we both learn a lot with it too.ChildHoldingGlobe (1)Some of the cards are interesting, some more your usual view postcard; once i have a bigger collection, I will show a few special ones like Amanda from ‘Tea & two biscuits’ . For now, we stick them all around the map and focus on the different countries..

You can download a complete set of 258 country flag icons in .ico, icns or png format and in different sizes for FREE. Smile 
Sign up for postcrossing HERE.

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2 thoughts on “Postcrossing- it’s getting started !

    1. suburp

      you totally should ! check out the site ! 🙂 but if you sign up, don’t have people wait for postcards in vain (like i did in the past).
      you can decide yourself how often and how much you want to be sending, by simply not requesting too many postcards too fast, it’s really good !


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