How I like my male TV sociopath. And how I don’t.

If you have been on my (fabulous) About Me page, you will have seen, somewhere and if you have the patience to look at all the rather random stuff (not much to read, I promise), that I LOVE the series HOUSE MD.
So much so, that we had to buy all available seasons on DVD and I have actually watched and re-watched certain episodes up to 4 times. Yep.

house (2)

Now this is a big novelty for me who never had the consistency and the nerve to watch a series regularly enough to get really attached (DVDs certainly help with that!) and I do know that this hospital series is far from representing a true reflection of what even a diagnostics department anywhere in the world would be like! But if you like House, like me, then you will know how the mixture of factual medical wonders and disasters, the social behaviour of the rather limited participating staff and – above all – the borderline psychopath character of Gregory House is addictive and always entertaining to watch.

Yes, it’s true, I had a long hard Think about wether House finally getting ‘together’ with Cuddy and reluctantly taking on his role as a – gasp! – stepfather to Rachel is something that would be becoming to the storyline and our addiction to his sarcasms and the bluntness that only a single, miserable House could deliver. But it’s all good : The relationship is rocky (of course) and the episode where House babysits toddler Rachel and then secretly tries to find out if she did – or did not – swallow a BIG (and dangerous) coin under his supervision was one of the funniest one of season 7 for me.

But here is the thing : While I love Hugh Laurie for the brilliant actor he is, I know literally nothing about his private life – and I don’t care! He comes from comedy, he’s a friend of Stephen Fry.  He is obviously sharp and witty enough a person to live up completely to the complex role he got in the show.

Note : A role. In a TV show. When actor Hugh Laurie visited the Ellen DeGeneres Show last week, he was funny, friendly and dignified, although victim of what he described as ‘his first cold ever’ (?).  I personally thought Ellen’s questions were a bit random and not.. very interesting, sorry. Left hand side traffic and how whether he gets confused between his own British and his character’s (American) Accent? 21-hugh-laurie-diepWho cares ? When he jokingly confessed he’d sometimes finds himself on the wrong side of the road in the UK, talking with the US accent, he certainly found an elegant and humorous answer to these questions but i would have really liked to know a few more series related questions .. or maybe other stuff he does or plans?
Yeah, never mind.

The only reason I am talking (am I gushing a little ?) about Hugh Laurie is that there is another, successful male TV actor who was all over the news this week with never-ending reports about multiple interviews displaying what any layman psychologist will clearly label as narcissistic rage and delusional public display of “losing your marbles”.
You all know who I mean : Yep, Charlie Sheen. (In my blog now too, indeed!)
I kinda used to like his show. For the LOLs. The character of “Charlie” in “Two & a half Men”, the goofy brother, the odd son, the housekeeper, Rose… Like many, their adventures, always circling around the same clichéd stories of womanizing, inappropriate parenting and so forth, amused me.
But I am just not amused anymore.

images (23)

The  total overkill this “actor” (wasn’t he really always playing just a version of himself?) delivered via all kinds of news channels, and now – advertising! – on twitter, is beginning to seriously annoy me. Charlie hasn’t jumped a shark, he has jumped a fully grown blue whale, with his Tigerblood-Rockstar-from-Mars-has-two-girlfriends attitudes.
We are, like, getting it, Charlie. You totally rock (your own world). Winner?
First I was stunned, then I laughed like all the followers  (1 million on twitter ??) and sloth macro creators on the internets (never mind now, if you didn’t see them) but now I am pissed off.
I don’t care that the show is stopped and some people now might lose their jobs. That happens all the time in Hollywood.
But after dating porn stars, shooting at his girlfriend (accidently..), being accused of several drug delicts, acts of domestic violence and rioting incidents,OMG-24331 in and out rehab and reportedly having lost all his teeth in the process too, you would think, it’s time for even the most delusional narcissist to wake up and see the damage done? Well, I’ve met some of his kind in my life and the truth is, they just can NOT stop themselves, once launched like a rocket. Until they glow out. Can really nobody help this man to stop?

What saddens me is that not less than 5 children will grow up to hear what a total wanker their father is (or maybe was soon, who knows, he might leave for Mars).
And the media will not forget. The internet will not forget. We all won’t.
Who remembers “Platoon” now ?
Tigerblood!! 2 girlfriends! “Dyin’ is for amateurs!”
It’s a bit like Britney without her knickers now.
Get out of the news, Carlos, and get back to reality. Show’s over.


4 thoughts on “How I like my male TV sociopath. And how I don’t.

  1. suburp

    Most of the British comedy that has a lot of wordplay didn’t make it onto the screens of my natal Germany’s TV, so no, I read about it, but never saw one (should proably look on youtube sometimes?) But I watched a lot of Monty Python’s 🙂 luckily, untranslated. I am still finding it hard to follow S.Fry on QI but my husband has all of Black Adder on DVD, I might work through that for starters. Maybe they rerun ‘A little…’ sometimes here on ABC or something, then I’d really love to watch!

  2. Melissa@Suger Coat It

    Gush away as far as I am concerned. Love Hugh and find myself strangely attracted to him whenever he talks. No matter the accent.

    Love the tagline. Yup. Was visiting from Blog This! :oP {And on a REAL computer so I can comment for once, not on my iPhone – If you get iPhone traffic, lots of it, it’s MEEEEEEE!}


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