Dog stink in the estate

I always wanted to make that big introductory post about my big, wonderful terrible puppy aka ‘the dogthing’. He’s got his own twitter, but I am posting only sporadically when, in reality, his very existence has brought a lot of change into our house. Not only for the better, this is true.

252 If you love your dog you put up with a lot of shit. Literally. We are paying for the gardeners in our rent and before they come and cut the grass, I am basically picking up a few kilos of dog pooh on a fortnightly basis. (Rainy weather is really bad, any dog owner knows what I mean). But this is not a post about that kind of stink. I’m talking about trouble with the neighbours.

33612_162003127152816_100000293905428_443661_3797415_nAt about the age of 6 month, what was a surprisingly calm and balanced puppy (we actually tested for deafness!) suddenly became this completely crazy dogthing, with a lot of energy, who was out to devour anything that wasn’t cleared out of the way at night, including a $3000 Leather Couch and uncountable cloth items. He would start to serve himself from the kitchen counter – with me standing right next to him! It also became clear by then that his adult appearance would approach that of a Dane more than of a Rottie or American Bulldog (his parents ). And his voice also broke.

Now I have always preferred medium to big dogs and big dark dog voices. When this puppy, a present from Awesome, grew to what you see on the picture, it’s true, I wasn’t quite sure that a 70 kg dog is the appropriate walking companion for a 5’3 woman. We make quite the pair! I walk him with a haltie though which gives me super powers, and am also getting him used to a muzzle, just in case. But I love this dog and I also love that he sounds like the Hound of Baskerville when he barks to guard the house. It makes me feel safe.

I don’t need to feel safe though when my tradie husband (who works nights and thus also wanted me to have an efficient guard dog) lies right next to me, on an early Sunday morning around 6. When the dogthing was doing his “ImAKilla!” guard howl this week Sunday, at the crack of dawn, we both shouted at him, then sunk back to sleep. He went on a little, but then stopped. So I think!

Monday I had a letter from the estate concierge in the post :
“Noise complaint. Incessant barking of Dogs.”
Yeah, right, nice one, neighbours.

Now we had a lot of problems with this dog. Apart from slowly chewing up the contents of our house, early morning barking used to be one of them, it’s true(for people catching a nearby bus). He had to first learn when to guard, all dogs do. But he got sorted out every time. There is simply no way he’s ever been barking ‘incessantly’, also big dogs generally don’t DO the incessant bark thing. And the old lady dog, now retired semipro-guard dog  hardly ever does a peep! The ones that DO bark incessantly are our neighbours little mutts. They bark all day, that horrible tiny dog bark, I am really hardly going on my patio because of it. And that’s another story. Maybe another time..

Now Tuesday night, three or more cars got broken in in the estate. None of them was parked close to where we live. Where the dogthing lives and watches over the neighbourhood, that is. Obviously, the thieves checked out the area.

Am I right to feel just a little bit smug about this now?


2 thoughts on “Dog stink in the estate

  1. MultipleMum

    I am not really a dog person. We had one for a while but she was way too over-enthusiastic with her affection for the kids that they frequently got knocked to the ground! She had to go, so we found her a loving home and she is happy as Larry (we still visit her). I do not miss the pooper-scooper (the constant landmines caused problems for the kids too!), her goggie farts or the early morning ‘bark’ to come in from the cold. But I do miss her warm hugs at night. Glad yours is a good guard-dog. x

  2. suburp

    You know… I can understand when people give up a dog when it’s really not working and they find their pet a new family.
    The dogthing is a dog that would not have stayed in many places, his ‘puperty’ was the hardest I ever had with dog, but it’s also the first puppy I had to train while also ‘training’ a 4/5 yo boy. Some of his misbehaviors are actually my fault. Some of it is just some odd crazy gene. But I guess we are dog people. πŸ™‚


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