More.. natural disasters. So sad.


This year continues to be overshadowed by natural disasters of apocalyptic dimensions.. I am starting to find it A LOT in a very short time. Upsetting.

Floods in Queensland and other states of Australia.
Cyclone Yasi, striking Queensland, only shortly after the floods.
Earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand.
Japan now with an incredibly powerful Earthquake, that brought destruction and death with a huge Tsunami, Flooding and, as we hear, possible nuclear pollution? (this part is kind of man-made really)

I have to mention the Bushfire in Western Australia too, that destroyed 72 houses, damaging 32 more, but I just read it was caused by accident with the use of a grinder in strong winds and high drought. By a policeman? O_0 Indeed.
Not a natural disaster then, nevertheless, so many families have lost everything.

My heart goes out to all those who have lost loved ones, their home, their belongings, maybe their professional existence in all these terrible events.


One thought on “More.. natural disasters. So sad.

  1. Tracy

    This year has really gotten off on a strange foot hasn’t it? I can’t believe the disasters that have occurred in such a short space of time. So much destruction, people’s lives and livelihoods lost. I hope that we are coming to the last of it now. My thoughts are with everyone affected too.


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