Cheap Cardboard Craft–the mummy

Yesterday, Tornado woke up with a scary hoarse cough, that sounded almost like ‘whooping cough’ and seemed to shake him up quite a bit. He wasn’t feeling sick otherwise but I could hardly send him to school like that, let alone expose my very pregnant carpool passenger plus her two kids to it in the car.
So I organized another driver and called the school for an absence.

After the administration of one spoon of yucky Benadryl Forte Chesty (which my odd child likes!), he was still coughing but less often and more ‘normal chesty’ now, so I did not go to the doctor after all. I did verify his vaccinations though, we had enough trouble with the Aussie vaccination registration and their rejection of our ‘non efficient’ vaccinations (vacc plans are different from country to country and it appears in Europe they don’t know what they are doing ?! Ahem.). But he’s all good, internationally and double vaccinated, whoopie !

I felt a bit fooled by the now very happy and almost healthy boy, and our Sunday had been a bit lame and devoid of special activities, so we decided to built a cardboard Frankenstein. Yes, that was the initial plan, but then “we changed our mind now, ok” (as Tornado puts it) and we made : THE MUMMY!

mummy 001 mummy 004

mummy 006 mummy 007
Made after the principle of my FriendlyRobot (against nightmares, visible here) , we just got out a few boxes and toilet rolls, stuffed it all with newspaper, then used sticky tape and glue and finally rolled it first in some grey/silver party streamer (leftover from our marriage..) and then stripes of an old sheet. Tearing the tissue in stripes and bandaging the mummy was what Tornado found the most amusing. He thought a red eye would be “too scary” though. For stability, the mummy has some pvc tubes in her legs that are poked far into the body, and – important! – a few stones in the feet and about up to where the knees would be. Otherwise it could not stand up at all.

Once the mummy was finished, Tornado enacted a couple of scenes and made me photograph him, being chased by the mummy, grimacing ‘in fear’ etc..  It made me think of movie posters of early horror movies, really kind of funny!
The dogthing got interested, too, No! but  he was not allowed to touch it !
smummy 012 smummy 017

The boy just loves his mummy Smile :

smummy 023

He loved the mummy so much, he even gave it a flower… It could also be that my sensitive boy wanted to tone down the scariness a little?
(It turned out later that the Mummy was not allowed to  sleep in his room. This rule also applies to the Thwomp, by the way. Fine by me.)

mummy 035

To finish, can I just show of the this superb dinosaur painting Tornado brought back from school ! It’s so big – awesome! Rahrr!

mummy 039

The gradual colour explosion is taking shape in the family room and this wildly painted T.Rex is a great addition on the (dirty!) window behind his craft table.

NB: For those who had the pleasure to meet Tornado being ‘sweet&lovely Boy with hair at the blog meet, we had a  fierce discussion (again!) over using (even ‘no tears’) shampoo the same evening and decided it’s best he has simply no hair for a while then which will also protect us from head lice
(it is also possible that i tried to give him a shorter cut with my husbands clippers at first and simply failed with the total lack of cooperation of a rather ‘unsweet child’ so that we finally both thought it’s better we shave.. oh well)

We play at …

We Play

10 thoughts on “Cheap Cardboard Craft–the mummy

  1. Chapter Forty

    Funny how kids get better at home from school or just as you are waiting to see the doctor.
    I think its highly amusing that he loves his Mummy, but she cant sleep in his room. This is a great exercise in demystifying scary things.

    1. suburp

      yeah, now I have to correct this impression as last night he had a major coughing fit (barking.. whooping? even) that shook him so much he threw up !
      it didn’t last long and in the morning he had only the normal little cough and a stuffed nose but went to the doctor anyway.
      they told me that, even vaccinated, they can sometimes get pertussis so they made a throat swap and is now at home to wait for the result (2days).
      I hope it’s NOT whooping cough as obviously my own vaccination is far far in the past and my husband also has no idea of his..
      Tornado celebrated his sick days with a ‘who-hoo’ at the doctor and now calls them ‘holidays’.. o_0 hmmm…

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  3. Tracy

    Wow, that dinosaur painting looks amazing. As does the mummy! What a nice way to spend a sick day. I hope Tornado is feeling better and is whooping cough free.

  4. Madmother

    Love your creativity – I could see it in your child when we met. Imagination machine, that little man.

    Have sent e-mail to you re some Mario stuff. If you don’t want it just let me know.

  5. disydoit

    hello! I loved this post when I read it like a week ago! Hope you are well, love ur mummy and tornado’s haircut. I have been a bit incommunicado but things are hopefully on the up! xxx

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