life–just too hard. discuss.

I need a new drug.

It’s kind of funny, hey..
My three favourite series all play in hospitals, and yet, I really could not find it entertaining at all to spend so much time in the emergency services of our local hospital. At this point, my husband is hospitalized with a severe condition from still unknown cause but at least they found something! and will investigate further. (House would have been able to figure that out a bit faster, I suppose.. )
I am not even blaming them, but I find it kind of ironic that my blokey husband went to emergencies immediately when he had the first symptom, but it took a full month and him having excruciating (chest!) pain for a doctor to finally come up with the right idea.  Or so it seems.

Not to mention that I realize that I now live in a country where getting rapid access to specialized health care (doctors/examinations) is a luxury, and with my self-employed (but not super-insured) husband out of work, we are pretty much facing an uncertain future when it comes to our finances anyway.

All this came parallel with the recognition that Tornado isn’t just ‘quirky’ at times but has definitively some “neurobehavioral[1] developmental disorder (yeah, chew on that!) that will have to be investigated at some point soon, before he is getting in more trouble at school or drives me completely mad at home. For the time being, let’s just say, he is ‘socially awkward’ at times.

So while I am battling my old demons, the exhaustion from this killer weekend and an increasingly pronounced anxiety about our somewhat blurry future with a wicked mix of caffeine, sugar, chocolate and valerian (might have to review that soon, it’s not really working) , I will probably not be able to be much of a fun mummy blogger. I guess.

I have been considering to start a new blog. that’s what I always do. But I kind of like my little ‘burp here. I still struggle with getting to personal, in public. And shit’s kind of getting personal here. My life just sucks too  much.
We’ll see. I just want those who did read to know that I am not just lazy. I am just too busy coping. Bear with me.

PS : the good news – we both have stopped smoking.
It comes kinda easy when your husband coughs up blood. Yep.


5 thoughts on “life–just too hard. discuss.

  1. amandab75

    Ah crap! Had wondered where you were, b ut didn't even imagine all this craziness.Glad the doctors have found something, and yes, specialst care is a luxury. My sister has to wait until August to see a specialist just to get an MRI referral. Stupid. But, I guess it could always be worse, huh? Hope they get onto fixing your husbands health issues super quick.Best that Tornado gets any diagnosis he needs, and then any assistance that can come your way. Really, almost everyone I know seems to have kids with some kind of diagnosis, it's the new normal. My kid just gets old-fashioned diseases (scarlet fever, anyone?) so its kids like her that are becoming the "freaks". LOL. Just know there are lots of mums (& mummy bloggers) who you can call on for advice, they love to help :)Valerian doesn't do anything for me either, but yay about the smoking! I've still not touched one since New Year, even though my husband is still smoking (after lying about it for months.) So I do get what a biggie that one is.Take care of yourself. Somehow it will workout.

  2. disydoit

    farrrk. it all happens at once, and here I am preoccupied in my own bullshit. Thinking of you, you should consider a place we you can share some of your thoughts; there is lots of support out there and your not alone xxx


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