New beginnings..

When I started this blog – not my first, but a first public one – I was trying to fill a void that was left after my mother had passed, too early, and could no more read my very colourful photolog from Australia..
When I first came here, mostly for fresh air, and maybe for a new life, I first spent a bit of time in limbo, then I met my husband and the stranded runaway became a housewife and stay-at-home-mom. Who would have thought? And it was great! I planned to get back to work, but later. I even thought for a while that maybe I should become a teacher…
Then stuff happened. Life. My husband got sick. Then he got better, thank god. But in the meantime, I had to start work in a haste, only a few months after my little Nemo started prepschool.
School. I had been soo looking forward to this : My son and me, the great adventure of Primary School! Everything was new to me, just like for him. And I loved it, just like I loved school as a kid. Only he, well he didn’t. 4 weeks on, and he hated it. Every morning became a battle.


With every battle, but even on the days without, in 2011, I became more aware of the difference of my boy. He is not like the others. By now, I know for sure.
I don’t know what it is though, and I feel I have to help him live with this difference.
I must help him, I see that he struggles, well, I certainly struggle too, we all do.

It looks a lot like Asperger’s.


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