How I almost punched his teacher on the 2nd day.


This is not even a post related to his .. difference. (We shall leave it at that, I don’t really believe in self-diagnosis). Any parents should pretty much get it.

Although..I told this to my blokey workmates (even the chicks) and they all said : oh, he’ll be right, what are you even upset about? (bring back caning?)

Well, I almost hit the teacher.  You get rough on my child, I WILL get rough on you. Fullstop.

Here is what happened : We are coming in early with the strong rains in SE QLD and we manoeuver past the ‘covered area’ that is bursting with kids and roaring with noise. Not even nice for me, but certainly stressful for Nemo. I am also still looking for a hat lost the first day.

I am trying to figure out when I could drop him off at the earliest, without involving school care, and without him having to wait too long in said undercover area, so when the teacher appears out of her classroom sometimes after 8, I talk to her about it.

She says she would be there ‘around the time’ the first bell rings, then basically tells ME off that we have to wait in the defined area (noise house). I already did not like her and am like “yeah, ok Nemo come on then!” He was somehow crouching on the floor playing with a puddle.

I really only said it once. I wasn’t in a hurry either.. I mean of course he did not react. But for some reason, she did not wait even for my 2nd call when she already went there and yanked him up by the arm barking “You need to do what your mother tells you”.

Argh! I like to do the arm yanking and losing my patience with my child myself please. I certainly do not expect this from a professional. And on his 2nd day in First Grade ?! Just wow.

I had this like spasm, more an instinctive body reaction.. I then saw that Nemo did NOT go into immediate disaster mode but was just stunned by the treatment and hoppled over to me. I decided very rapidly NOT to say anything as I would have either been very rude or very loud and either way, it wouldn’t have really helped Nemo to adapt to his new teacher.
But seriously, WTF ?!

And she is only one from two teachers and the other one is trained in special needs. Some Hope.


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