Atypical at the GP



I had been recommended this doctor by a former neighbour whose son was diagnosed  ADHD and frankly, so many other disorders I can’t even remember. I think ‘Oppositional defiant disorder’ was one of them. I hardly knew the boy – or the neighbour – much, but I had been at one neighbour hood party in our old street and she had felt the need to tell me all about it.

I kind of understand this now, I am guilty of telling random people about my troubles with Nemo now sometimes, ever since I have admitted to myself that something is different. Sometimes it’s good to let it out.

But when we finally went to the doctor, to get a referral to specialists, Nemo behaved completely out of role:

While I – lamely – described some of the behaviour problems I had noticed on my child over the last 1 or 2 year, and tried to make it sound more like a worry than the need of a frustrated mother to label her boy, well, Nemo just said there and listenend and looked at things in the shelf and posters on the wall. He  was ‘sage comme un image’ as the French say, as good as a painting himself. Or the boy in the photo above. It was unreal.

After a while, the GP recommended me to really ‘give him a bit of time to settle in to school’. He agreed with me and the Prepteacher, that maybe the new environment, the increased learning challenge etc, will make it more interesting for him and win him over.

He also told me – quite reassuringly – that a child on the edge of the spectrum (ASD) or with Aspergers would have been bored after a very short time and would have butted in and disturbed the grown-up’s boring conversation with determination. Yes, well. I surely know that.

I was tired and drawn out that day, and I was wondering, if I had been to tired to see a doctor and had I been expected to just totally ‘diss’ my child in front of him anyway ? I thought it was AWKWARD to do that, Nemo understands so much! And then I wondered if he had understood that behaving normal, even good, that day, at that doctor, would make him win a little bit of time..  And then I thought .. win time for WHAT?!

Time to be miserable at school, drive your parents nuts and slowly but surely turn into a little lonely wolf. .. ? I swear to myself I cannot let this happen..


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