special (needs) teacher?

It appears that I have barked up the wrong tree. The problem, so far, is NOT the OldSchool teacher. It’s the other one. The one that was supposed to get it right.
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When I wrote about that teacher pulling Nemo up from the floor by his arm in a surprising rough way – on his 2nd day! – little did I know I would be wishing soon that this teacher was his full time teacher, instead of sharing the job with another teacher – who seems to bring out the worst in my boy.

And that after telling me that she has ‘special needs training’ .

I don’t have a clue how this is going to go on. I still can’t quite believe how badly she communicated with me, especially after me telling her about my worries on OpenClass Day. After 3 weeks of school and Nemo barely communicating about the new Grade 1 experience, I casually stroll over to the ‘special needs trained’ teacher and I ask how he is going with her.
“Yeah, uhm.. He lies a lot on the floor a lot” she said. “He takes the decision to not finish his tasks, and he runs out of the class.. He has these .. tantrums, and so it’s difficult for the other children to befriend him.”   This was WAY worse than I expected. I was simply stunned.
Why does she LET HIM  ? And when exactly was she planning to TELL me about all this ?
I passed a bad weekend, even if the women from After-School care told me he had a good day, that Friday. Monday I stomped in and asked the OldSchool Teacher who was doing the first two days of the week. Over the weekend, Nemo had told me he actually prefers her.

And she told me he was doing just fine. Like all the other 6yo, exPrepSchoolers, there was a lot of adapting to do, but he was working with her, most times. No, he wasn’t getting too upset with her because she would not let him. She would be strict on the rules and BIG on encouragement. And no,  he was definitively not falling behind in his work with her.
She had noticed a few things though and recommended me to go to a paediatrician, to get advice and understand better what’s going on. She talked about some books too, but I started feeling a bit whiney and tired.

OldSchool Teacher then made it quite clear that I had to see with SpecialTeacher whatever issues I had with her. While I understand that, I am also a bit pissed off, because of ALL children, WHY is my son not in a class with ONE teacher for the whole week, but is now between two extremes, right away, in his first real year of school where SO MUCH matters ??

I am really worried now. I mean, I knew something was UPlioness.

But now BOTH teachers basically told me to go see a paediatrician. I will need to shortcut the GP to get further in this weird medical system. That visit really didn’t get me any further at all.

I need to give this more focus, it’s so important for us both!
Special needs, my a$$.

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