Back to the starting line. New class.

After an immensely painful week that made me realise that the sort of rejection – yes rejection – that you will get from a simple bystander in the supermarket, it can also happen with a professional carer aka teacher. This was new for me. When your child acts basically like an ass but you are heartbroken because you know that he is just failing to do the right thing, and he knows he is failing and that makes things it only worse. You know that. But they don’t.

But a teacher kind of should try to understand and help both of you? .. just a little ?

Only 10 days ago, I was sitting in the deputy principals office and I agreed totally that changing Nemo into another class is NOT the solution to the problems we were  having. No No.

Only then, the week got worse and then I had a conversation with one of the teachers that made me think that I basically had to get him out of there or else something will happen.

So it seemed that Nemo was not finishing any more of his tasks, he was leaving the class room in a tantrum, he was “defiant and rude ” (ah?). More importantly though : With the upcoming assessment, I was informed, that he could not have any rating. His ratings were ‘zero’ as he ‘never finishes any of his work.’

I wasn’t sure she was even talking about my boy – although obviously the description (‘defiant and rude’) , while disappointing from a teacher (with special needs training, hear hear) .. well, yeah that’s me boy, no doubt there. But rating zero because – a few weeks into grade 1 remember! – he doesn’t finish stuff?? Also, again, I was wondering how these teachers communicate as I had seen signatures and ticks on some of his work and in our home reader folder. Even stickers and ‘well done’..!  So I did not comment this much. I had enough. Again.

It did not make it better that a mother we know since prep told me on my way to the principal that she had found Nemo ROAMING on his own and had brought him to his class : The ‘teacher’ had not have noticed his absence or so it seemed. Yes.   I. had. no. words.

Here is my son, undiagnosed, but socially very awkward and fighting all kinds of battles with the children his age, every day, but still – I somehow had the impression he is comfortably in the top group of the class (and his boredom one reason for all the trouble. maybe). So wtf??

In January this year, without much of my doing, and before restarting school, Nemo just decided to start reading, or so it seemed. He is counting to 100 upwards, at times has tried himself with downwards counting. He has worked on his ‘favourite book’ show&tell almost on his own and presented it (with another teacher…) well in front of the whole class .. 
He also skipped 5 or 6 sight word lists – and THAT teacher told me about it. Why would the same teacher not be able to rate him ? A mystery to me.

Fast forward another, quite long meeting with the deputy principal. Who had already chosen a new class for Nemo :ONE teacher. TWO grades. Yep. It’s a mixed class, grade 1 and 2.

We will have to see how the new arrangement works out for everyone. (A bit tense here.)



2 thoughts on “Back to the starting line. New class.

  1. amanda

    I've forgotten, how long has this teacher been teaching? It sounds like she has decided that Nemo is too hard and she's decided not to bother, so a new class sounds a wonderful thing. And having an "up" composite will also be helpful, as if he is bored by the grade one work he will find more of a challenge there.Will keep my fingers crossed that this goes a bit smoother for you xx

  2. nikki

    thanks 🙂 you are my first comment on the new blog xthe new start seems a bit bumpy to say the least.. but I am still thinking it was the right decision. we are only a month into school but, yeah, my impression was that there things were beyond repair with 'special teacher'. the principal also agreed that 'sometimes, even teachers and children can just.. clash' . not ideal, but it happened.still believing things get a bit better here.. just.


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