Self diagnosed?

I don’t believe in self-diagnosis. 

You can have a bit of a guess, but see a doctor if you want to know for sure what’s wrong.

Our body…It is a  wondrously complex machine, and I like to see a specialist for the different parts of it…I have grown up like this, and even having only access to public health won’t change this. I do not DO even routine examinations of my lady parts with a GP, not because I have problems undressing or even ‘opening up’ to a doctor – yeah, no I AM European alright – but because yes, I think, those parts are special enough to be seen and taken care of by a specialist, if needed.
This doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate having a good GP at hand, to follow up on all the medical matters that occur. Unfortunately, in Oz, I still have to find that one doctor..
(I had recently thought I finally found a candidate to become my chosen ‘family GP’ – but then he proposed to operate an odd cyst on my wrist and he SULKED when I asked his qualification for that. He then referred me to a hospital in the city. I got a letter recently that I am on a waiting list, with no specific time frame at all. ok.)
I totally believe in modern medicine, but I also do believe in contesting and/or confirming the diagnosis from the first doctor who finds (out) something about you only a doctor can see or understand. They are only human, right, and it’s only human from the patient to have a doubt. Obviously, all this in the limits of what should be common sense.
I think no part of the body is more complex than the human brain, complete with its control central for all body functions – and the smooth operation of our mind and everything beyond if you are so inclined.. That’s why Mental illnesses also should not only be taken seriously, but if you can, you should also seek treatment or help, be respected like a sick person and have all our sympathy while you are dealing with your sickness.Being crazy is serious business!  (something my husband would say. And he knows! )
When it comes to self-diagnosis of mental disorders, psychosis or other traumatisms of the mind and soul.. people are somewhat quick to come up with the latest psycho fad, and even doctors are probably overwhelmed from the multitude of irks they see, and hear and read – how are they supposed to distinguish all of them – plus the always new subcategories?
Yes, last year I read a lot about Asperger’s, later ‘high functioning autism’ and people, especially ‘children on the spectrum’..sometimes I thought people sounded really glad they can now ‘label’ their own or their children’s dysfunctional social behaviour. I understand now.
But obviously : just because you act like an ass, it doesn’t have to be Asperger’s syndrome.
Awesome and me had just have a few serious conversations about some not so funny behaviour of our boy, when in Glee they came up with the odd ‘Sugar can’s sing’ character (see below). Really?! Did you see it ? Our jaws kinda dropped :

 I think they have dropped the whole Asperger’s bit a little since then
(we are not watching it regularly). But still.. !

Now I am sure this has been talked through on all forums and I won’t add to it. All of this is just a transition to my second try to get a referral to a paediatrician for Nemo. Another fail. This time, it was intolerable waiting time. We were already there for 45 min and then the lady told me there were still 9 people – nine – in front of us.
Now where or whatever my son is or has – spectrum or just otherwise special – 45 min of wait in a crammed waiting room is just about enough for both of us.

I am getting an appointment tomorrow elsewhere. No excuses.


2 thoughts on “Self diagnosed?

  1. Marita

    Good luck getting your appointment. It can be a major PITA getting into see doctors. Once you find a good one, hang onto them for dear life.

  2. nikki

    thanks! I am at a new GP tomorrow, really pushed myself in, it's a chick and I am hoping that's a good start. for the pediatrician.. i have been told I would get the appointment quicker through the 'recommendation' of the teachers.. with all that happened the last couple of weeks, that will not be a problem I hope. fingers crossed, am now really keen to get a few answers..


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