Otherland. Where stuff would be different. Maybe.

lola00From time to time – not often, ok – yes. I feel a bit overwhelmed by how very different things are here in Australia. Different to how I remember (or imagine) them being in the countries I lived before.

In some cases, this might make me wish I was back there, just to deal with the current situation a bit better. And language is really not the problem I think. Nein..

I am talking about things like getting an appointment with a specialist doctor. 

When Nemo was only 2, we went to the doctor for a cold and during the visit the doctor discovered he had a heart murmur!  The heart! of.my.child. And what (tf) is a “Murmur”?! (it’s nothing, unless other symptoms are detected, and he’s fine. but I did not know that, right)

Certainly, I thought, even without supreme (aka private..) health cover a child’s heart condition would be seen to by, say, a team of specialists as soon as possible ? Boy, was I wrong… I had to wait 6 months for an appointment with what seemed to be the ONLY child heart specialist on the planet in Brisbane at that point. It was very scary but I had no choice.

I have to say that the doctor we saw – while acting a lot  like the Asian doctor in ‘KnockedUp’ (actor also seen as ‘Mr Chow’ in the ‘Hangovers’ movies and who incidentally IS actually a doctor too which is really kinda awesome, no?!) – he was really very thorough and did more than initially required to really rule out any risks with an upcoming flight to Europe. All for only a minor fee (and that only because I was not yet on Australian Medicare).

And today, after an exhausting visit at the GP to get the darn referral, I needed to work my way through a list of paediatricians for a private appointment ASAP. We are riding towards some sort of educational apocalypse now with Nemo, with every incident, every tantrum, every other ‘bad day’ that we are having. I need someone to help me figure out what it IS!

Just to stay with the Lola reference, …. making all these calls, I went kinda like this :

lola500600full-run-lola-run-screenshotimages (1ww1)

And then like this :


That was when I finally had somebody tell me that they were taking bookings for the first week of APRIL and not, like most of the others AUGUST..! Others were simply not taking on new patients at all. Just.wow.

So we’ll have an appointment in April. 

And then…what?


(Oh and yes, the happy Soccerlady is also from Germany! )


2 thoughts on “Otherland. Where stuff would be different. Maybe.

  1. Marita

    I can still vividly remember the day I sat down calling pediatricians for Heidi all those years ago.We had done things backwards going through LaTrobe University Psych dept as part of a research study into children who the maternal and child health nurse thought may have a developmental delay. So at 2yo we had her autism diagnosis but our paed at the time did not believe it.So I sat down and started phoning around to find someone else to see. Our landlord was there doing repairs in the bathroom and kept interrupting me with questions of his own. Heidi was running in and out. We didn't have chairs in the study at that time, used Yoga Balls instead. It was a gorgeous sunny day. I called and called so many people with no luck. Then I managed to get onto one Paed clinic who was not taking new patients but she had a new to the clinic Paed starting one day a week and would I like to try her. I was desperate and thought at the worst I've wasted one consultation. Turned out to be the best decision every, that Paed was lovely, we still see her now and I just adore her so very very much.

  2. nikki

    I am starting to understand how much the health system here, sadly, relies on recommendations, luck .. and money.. :(oh and oops: i have now TWO appointments as I initially agreed to one in May but it's at 8 and on the other side of the city. didn't realize I gave them my address and all the tralala, now got the letter. (i can't quite believe they want a half price down-payment a week before the appointment. that's just so.. odd)and the one that i got after that, turns out it's already End of March. which is good. cuz it's getting urgent. am keeping both for now, just in CASE doc One is a total jerk.. ?


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