Follow up.. ?

So the idea was that I will follow up closely what is going on with me and Tornado and.. his difference.
I think I did. Minus the networking and the blog, but I did.
It was a bit tough at times.
Here is where we stand, as per today.
School: The new teacher, the mixed class (with 2nd graders), the vice-principal – all that extra time we all spent with Tornado seems to finally pay off and we had a couple of GOOD days and real effort from his side and were rewarded with an actual AWARD. I have found that, if I just let go of certain expectations, chose my ‘battles’ towards his independence and responsibilities, we will achieve more with our day.

In the end, it doesn’t matter if he still needs help to put his shoes on the right foot,
as long as we get out of the house without a meltdown.

Admittedly, I am still learning this. Parental peer pressure and all the stuff they told us in school at the beginning of Grade 1 (before “the implosion”..) had been interfering with me seeing what WE need to do, and how.

Diagnosis :I had my appointment cancelled, incredibly,and I did NOT reschedule it. Although this seems crazy, given my last post, I had decided in the meantime to first wait and understand the process in school, and I am glad I did. I have been taken by surprise by the work of the ‘guidance officer’ of the school. She has been pretty awesome! She worked with Tornado, observed him in class, and did extended tests I had, honestly, not expected at that point at all. The teacher filled in reports and we both answered sheets with literally 100s of questions and comments. It was odd writing that all down and basically… ‘dissing’ my own child, but I consulted Awesome too, and obviously, the objective is to understand him better in the end.
So this week, in conclusion, she has explained to me her ‘pre-diagnosis’ :  ASPERGER’S SYNDROME.
She was a bit apologetic about not having finished typing what looked like a very thorough, very scientific report. I honestly can’t wait.
Yes, an actual doctor has to confirm this now, but from what I understand, her methods are pretty close to what they would do normally via paediatrician, then psychologist or other specialists… so while this all needs fine-tuning, I am pretty much trusting the guidance officer’s judgement on things. (she has some type of degree of course, I need to ask her again..)

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