5 random things I learned about Asperger’s / Autism this week


Kim Peek who inspired the character “Rain Man” did actually not have a form of autism, but appeared to have suffered from FG Syndrome.

One of the little patients Dr Hans Asperger studied in Vienna was future Nobel Price of Literature  Elfriede Jelinek.

There heaps of parents with children ‘on the spectrum’ that have blogs – some are informative, others very personal, and some are really funny.

There are many things we still don’t know and understand about Asperger’s / ASD. 

There is also a lot of quacks out there who are exploiting the distress of parents with wild theories and nonsensical methods or treatments or ‘cures’ – and they make a lot of money in the process.



I planned to post this on Sunday, but I just came across this linky and I am feeling kinda social right now. =)


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