ASL ?–Who I am ? About blogger privacy and mystique.

images (23)When I first started blogging or being otherwise “active on the internet”, on forums or chat sites, privacy wasn’t on the news every second day. Probably, because we did not have Facebook. (I am talking mid-90s here.. ) Instinctively though, most people made up fancy nicknames for the chatrooms instead of using their own, and quickly signed up for a private email to separate work from play.
Fast forward to now: I have been blogging on different platforms for almost 15 years now. Most of it ‘friends only’ on the once fabulous livejournal community. (All the hot stuff happening online now, believe me, if you have been on LJ, you have seen it all before..) Some posts were completely private, just for me.  I had a family blog (password protected) for my mum on the other side of the world for a few years once I moved to Australia. When she died, I ‘signed up’ to public mummy blogging only in 2010, to continue to share my daily wonders of motherhood, our craftventures and other random common stuff. 
Then last year I just had to stop blogging because my life (offline) really needed all my force and attention. And in 2012, with Nemo’s final diagnosis for Asperger’s syndrome pending, it became clear to me what focus this blog should have. I am not keen on big numbers (even if being featured on was quite flattering and exiting ..) but obviously now more than ever am looking for real exchange via the media of blogging.
Some bloggers put their full name out there, with studio-made photos and their profession. Women who have children with special needs or who have abusive relationships behind them (or ongoing! of course) tend to be more secretive about their names, locations and other identifiers. And I think they are right.
I have not and will never put my name out on the internets for approximately those reasons. I am protecting myself and my family. Of the assholes from the past, that shall stay out of our life. And the random haters from now, that are everywhere on the internet. And I don’t want them too close.
So no, I won’t tell you who I am.
But I am inviting you to find out. Get to know me, be my friend, my confidante. Take the time if you will. I will be around for a while.

Edenland's Fresh Horses Brigade    

Linking up with Edenland for the first time, and thank you for the pitch.

PS : I had a fun ABOUT ME page on my wordpress blog – here . I will put something together this week.
And for those who have burnt themselves on the internet –  or who are in the public light for their beliefs or their profession – here is a delightful song about HATERS. enjoy (NOT child or worksafe i would say)

LOVE LOVE LOVE this video today =) – ‘Thank you, Hater!’

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