Sometimes you don’t scream.

peta2On the odd crossover between news and comedy that is “the project” in Australian tv, this week, they showed the latest shock campaign by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PeTA), “Silent Scream”. And yes, it shocked me a little, but not the way they intended. You might have seen it, if not, it’s on YouTube. You might also google “fish ad PETA” to see a cacophony of reactions on the internetz. I am certainly not the only one to react… The comments on YouTube should be a good indication too.

The allegory of human sufferance, human screams with the – probably real – pain a fish feels but cannot express when carved and cut up alive..? A shocker.

If I am shocked though, then mostly by the naivety of those making the clip to believe that more people will be impressed by the sufferance of the fish rather than being upset watching the short sequences of the violence against PEOPLE  that is happening all around us, everywhere.

Domestic violence, the brutal assault of an old lady and the extreme case of bullying shown in the spot, are – in my and in a million eyes – so much more painful to watch than the fish gasping for air in the last seconds of its life.

No, I am not a vegetarian, but I am all for animal protection in the wild, I am for finding solutions to treat, keep and slaughter animals big & small in what some may call more ‘human’ ways.

*Deep Breath.* But you know, battery chickens and concentrations camps? Yes, we even had that. Repeatedly.

Liking and comparing one Bad with another –  has it ever brought any progress on either of the the problems, or rather just stirred controversy and brought more profile to those throwing it out there ???

I am really not sure.  For me personally, the clip even brought up another memory :  When I was that fish.

Yes, in a way,  it may be legitimate to worry about the pain a fish does feel just before dying, but I would like to have a thought of those HUMANS out there who are in ongoing abuse situations where they are either too scared to scream even when they are in excruciating pain, or they feel that their voice is silenced by the situation or society they live in. I have been there. Sometimes, i even thought that this were the last seconds of my life. And I still did not dare to scream.

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(just sayin’.)


One thought on “Sometimes you don’t scream.

  1. Renee | About a Bugg

    I haven't seen that ad and I don't think I want to. I think you have nailed it – I work in marketing, but simply don't understand the comparison of one heinous act with another. It doesn't make either better. It just brings attention – and maybe that is what this organisation wants?


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