A different book : let’s pretend this never happened. Jenny Lawson


“ Let’s pretend this never happens. “ by Jenny Lawson. (links to amazon in the US, but I got the book from my local Kmart in Australia, really)
Jenny’s blog ‘the bloggess’ has been around for a few years now, and I had read it sometimes on and off. It’s a funny, gripping blog with great authenticity. Jenny blogs about her life and the weird sh1t that can happen at times.  Funny and authentic.
But I guess it’s the Weird and the part where Jenny struggles too, with the weirdness, with life, that makes her stories, and her blog, so endearing and that make me personally feel like she would be a chick I would totally be at ease to hang out with.
And the few people that know me for real know what that means.
While, like many, I suffer from acute internet ADD and often can’t focus too well on longer blogposts at all (aka tl;dr syndrome), I DO enjoy reading a book at times and BOY, did I enjoy this one. Did I mention Jenny is funny? I literally laughed tears at times and my husband got somewhat irritated as I chuckled to myself and would not stop reading while he was trying to watch the news.

But I won’t review the book here too much, that has been done by others. It shot to the tops of the NYT bestseller list in little time. I have hope for the world when a book like this has success (not so much since I understood that the 50 shades triology of bdsm kitsch is on places 1 to 3 right now in the fiction section). [and sorry, if you love those “books”, good for you, but they are really not very well written, so the warm fuzzy feeling must really be your need for way hotter sex at home.. ]

For myself, though, after reading Jenny Lawson’s book, I am taking away from it mostly the incredible joy of having a peep in this woman’s truly extraordinary life full of strange stories and odd, but mostly lovely, characters. And it preps me back into blogging and writing again.
“Most bloggers are emotionally unstable and often awkward in social situations, which is why so many of us turned to blogging in the first place,” she writes in her book. Her reasons for blogging, she says, and others’ reasons for reading, are to share in ways that too many of us find too difficult to do in person.
In this article about Jenny Lawson, in the Huffington Post, I also read that she started writing down her family stories in ink (yeah really) for herself and her daughter Hailey, and as “a love letter to my family” because she had “really bad memory”.
Curiously enough,  I have decided to do the exact same thing not long ago. My motivations are similar, I’d say, I want to preserve what I remember for my son. My family has been quirky at times, happy too, often chaotic and not seldom full of drama and dysfunction. Crazy, if you want.
But it’s still his family, and someone should really tell him all about them one day. It’s not going to be easy, and I have already thought that I would need a age rating system, but I have progressed greatly on a list with chapters and stories I want to include.
I will make no pretence to be even remotely as funny as Jenny Lawson. I believe some of the sh1t that happened to me and my family  is equally weird though. And worth writing down.

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