UK Documentary “My child’s not perfect”



I just watched the 2nd episode of this docu on ABC2 (Australia).

It’s one of these patchwork type shows that shows different families with some really unrelated problems. Today it was about a girl with ADHD, a teen with bulimia nervosa and a boy with a severe stutter.

While these problems of these kids were rather different from what I am facing with Nemo, it was interesting to see the approach of the parents, their relief to finally find help (it’s all about one clinic in the UK), diagnosis, and to some extent, therapy and/or medication and improvement.

This and the first episode are available on ABC’s (awesome) iview service and I will watch it online. A bit of insight on how others are coping with their ‘flawed child’ is always welcome for me.

I am no stranger to feelings of guilt, helplessness or isolation and I will take on board anything that is out there. Blogging – and reading blogs – certainly now is back on the top of the list.

On another note, today was are really good day, both in school and at home for Nemo and me. He ran in a race!!  I realize that next step for me as a parent is now to change and adapt MY behaviour and home routines – and stick to it! – to be able to move forward with him.

Writing training today went well today. We are getting there.

2012-08-08 19.18.19 [800x600]


3 thoughts on “UK Documentary “My child’s not perfect”

  1. nikki

    Definitively. I remember thinking 'thank god for the blogs I already KNOW' when things pointed a bit more towards ASD last year. Your blog is VERY educational, still fun and personal. I don't comment much, I used to read often in bed on my phone, but have been reading for a long time =)


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