Dear Diary…! we made a friend and we might move to Melbourne.


Dear Diary
Last week we met a boy and his mother at the school and while we were all walking towards the car park, literally 2 min into the conversation, she said “Noel* has Asperger’s syndrome.” Oh! “Nemo* too!” Cool! I mean, we were both kind of happy to meet really and while our boys engaged in play that involved long-winded explanations, superhero specifications a cardboard box and a lot of kung-fu style air kicking, we chatted about them and us and it felt really good.

In the end we changed numbers and we want to meet on the coming weekend, which is cool, as this weekend was Awesome’s* weekend off and I reserve it for family time. The boys started both almost crying because they decided to have a sleepover (Ok, Nemo actually DID cry a little) but then we let them play a bit more and they were really having fun.

Then Noel smacked Nemo on the nose because “he had not finished explaining something”. No harm done, this could have easily been the other way around. Noel said to Nemo – with no expression in his face and while looking at the stairway – that he is really really sorry. I was really happy going home, and me and Noels mother texted each other on the weekend to say how cool it was that we met.

So yesterday, my husband called me from work to say that he was offered a position in Melbourne. I don’t know what that means in detail, but it certainly means that i am freaking out a little! It could be false alarm, just like Darwin was, and I probably should first wait a little. But the idea of following Awesome anywhere and discovering different areas in Australia suddenly has become way less appealing when the first things that shoot through your mind are : will Nemo cope with changing school ? will he be taken in charge ? will there be funding for special needs teachers or teacher aids to help him (and me) cope with it all ?
I have basically 10.000 questions. But I already told Awesome that he should look into it, it could help us financially and get him off the harder physical work a bit.

To be continued…

*) fantasy names for real people. yo!


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